Things thats are cool and things that should be cool too

Ps: Yes im another guy that is writing his 1st blog so u know...

Im playing warframe from beta and i love this game. i guess now you expecting something like BUT IS NOT FUNNY ANY MORE.... NOOO! I STILL LOVE IT! I dont like those many post that are just criticize what is happening now in warframe... i think the devs are greate and trying to do their best. Yeah ok.. some times its not that good as it should be but what ever.

     But here i would like to talk about what should be cool in warframe

Things that i find awesome

  • Currently i think the best things on warframe are those many updates and mostly the creativity. 
every new update (even the reinforcements) bring something entirely new. For example mutalist Salad. Even panthera is a realy cool weapon (at least i thing :/ (dont have it (im lazy :D )))
(that is optional)
for me its soooo cool that we have that much lore and we still getting more! yeah boy stolen dreams and sentients :3 !
for me this is very important staff. i dont realy like runing like rambo with my rhino :D  i like assassins, snipers and hunters. Still miss hunter frame I WANT IT SOO BAD!! :D
But what im trying to say is that there are so many options. Everyone can play what ever he wants.
  • And the most important thing is!!! NO PLAT ONLY STUFF!! (expect attachments) but these arent affect the way you play. (I personaly buy all that color plates and attachments cous i want to look badass :D) #heathy ego, and i thing its a good way to support the devs buying all that prime attachments.

New ideas

1st things 1st they are doing bunch of new thing so these thing i just find interisting:

  • MORE MODS! i know there is sooo many of them but why there should not be even more.
yeah the rng problem... i thing i got good way to solve it (or at least make it better)
we allready got different drops from different enemies. My idea is: make the drop of mods diferent even for planets! (yeah not so much awsome but still a thing) 
  • EXAMPLE: Corpus crewman locantion: every corpus map! drop: 9mods (kinda useles mods but im just trying to explain the principle)
    1. on venus and mars: ammo dram and no return
    2. on neptune and pluto: fusion core and something
  • not it seems useless but with more mods it should be very usefull. With higher level enemis there will be different drops and mainly! more complex and rarer mods. 
back to MORE MODS: complex mods
Warframes: i realy like the idea of berserker mod for melee and the augments are amazing. So what about mods like TANK: geting more armor (percentage) for how long is in combat.
Hope you got the point :)
  • BALANCE! i know that it actualy coming (at least i hope) But look on the sniper rifles. Even those that are love sniping stuff do not use sniper rifles... couse bows are much better. So great thing would be some balance changes.. but i dont no :/
  • TANK FRAME! i know we allready got rhino... or the unkillable valkyr... but what about TANK SUPORT FRAME.. If there is someone who is playing League of Legend, just imagine BRAUMFRAME :D. warframe that got ability to make giant robatic/energetic shield on his hand cover teammates. he can move while using this and it should be toggleable and drain energy over time. he should be slowed while using it. something like ULTRA SHIELD LANCER :D

So thats it...

its just may personal ideas and thoughts. Hope you enjoy it and please give me some feedback :)

im sory for some misstakes if i made some.

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