• Milankuc

    I and my friends have started clan and currently we have 14 members.

    We are planing to make a site, facebook page and facebook group for clan because we plan to expand greatly.

    We are currently half done with Great Hall room the one which is hardest to build.

    We picket Great Hall as first room because of rooms economy that way by adding two cross hallways to doors of great hall we will get space for all other rooms. We are planing to do same on other side of main hall.

    If anyone wats to join send clan request in Warframe. Clan name is: SAVIORSofHUMANITY

    Condition for membership is one forma and 500 of any material needed.

    Fell free to send request but u will be kicked if you dont give requested materials.

    Here is link for our Facebook page: https…

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