First things first, we all know that Warframe is currently in Beta. We're all Beta testing the game. Of course it's a fun game, but one thing that is coming up alot is a long term quality of life enhancement to make the game less repetitive the longer the game is played. This isn't about adding new warframes or weapons. So here's the pitch:

The game is very repetitive at higher total play hours due to a number of factors. These include: tilesets, enemy units, mission types and gameplay factors.

  • DE is constantly working on new tilesets and additional tiles for already existing tilesets. Therefore this isn't so much of a big deal, but what would YOU want to see in a tileset?
  • Of course, many people speculate that DE will rework every boss in the game to be unique (Golem, Vorr, etc). DE can easily add new units to the game. Have you had any thoughts to adding a new faction? What new enemy units/bosses/factions do you want to see in the game?
  • DE is currently creating new, more engaging mission types that will replace some old mission types. What mission types do you find a drag to play, and what mission types would you want to see?
  • Currently there are a few in game elements that we have. These include the limited parkour, stealth play, corpus security cameras, alarm terminal mini-game, and Orokin traps. Are there any in-game elements you would want?

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