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  • Misdirected

    I'm going to confess two things before I start this up: One, I still have the PWE crap in the back of my mind. But I'll trust DE. Two, I have not actually watched any DevStreams since around the 13th. So any information I lay down is either taken from the summaries I read afterward, or downright wrong. Apologies.

    Anyhow, it's been quite a while since I've last written/ranted/failed to attempt to create witty puns, so I'm back to do some.

    My topic today was totally not implied and/or mentioned in the title of this blog.

    UPDATE 14 IS COMING SOON. (Fanning begins.)

    SCREW ALL THAT PWE CONSPIRACY PANIC TRAIN AND STUFF (Don't actually, but get it out of your head. Hyona's covered the bases why, go read it wherever it is, or the copy-pasta from our f…

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  • Misdirected

    Hey all you fellow Tenno, it's been a while. Hope you all missed me in some sense (or missed my absence, if you really hate what I do). Sorry about a large lack of doing literally anything on the wiki, but I ended up letting summer vacation get to my head, which meant waking up at 7:00 A.M., and going on a 10-hour game marathon until 5:00 P.M., resulting in me doing absolutely nothing productive in between.

    Putting all that aside, I'd like to assume that you all, as a community, enjoyed embarking into Salad V's spare mystery meat refrigerators for his creepy-pasta meat shipments, getting brutally gunned down by super-steroid Cor-Prawns, and ultimately cashing out for some big bucks, potatos, puzzle pieces, expiring crystals, annoying-to-far…

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  • Misdirected

    Sorry for flooding the blog page with two blogs back-to-back, while also having one in top blogs. I just didn't want to lump this one with the other old-Joe blog over there, because these ideas are radically different enough to be segregated (no hard feelings, ranting, salty me over down below).

    So, with the Specters of Liberty event ongoing for some, and completed for others (including myself), the Rakta Syandana has created some serious thought to spark in me, and I want to share it.

    As we all know, the Rakta Syandana has the nice Wraith-y pattern that all your other (un)lovable Wraith weapons got, complete with the cheap un-recolorable goodness that forces to you make your Excalibro or Fart-Chick into a Stalker-esque themed 'Frame. Aside …

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  • Misdirected

    This event.

    This event is awesome. I love it. It's fresh, simple and complex, supports coordination, and finally gives a meaning to stealth. The idea of Wardens gives a true threat and urgency to accuractly and swiftly executing your moves, and staying out of sight (even if you're cheating by Masterracing Adopted Brother/Flour Ninja), the idea of being a ninja really gets fleshed out.


    I eat my words. After thinking about this enough, reading six metric FAQ-tons of comments about "You can go nuts until the ward!", "Just go Loki master-race!", and "Go solo!", as well as one extremely well-thrown comments from a few intellectual individuals, I'm changing my opinion. This event failed. God knows why I thought it didn't, or why I…

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  • Misdirected

    Mag, the 'Frame of Magnetism.

    Mag, the Starter 'Frame.

    Mag, the Blue Chick.

    Mag, the Underused.

    Mag, the Shunned.

    Mag, the Two-Toed.

    Mag, the Deceivingly-Not-Viable-For-Damage.

    Before I continue, I will confess that I abandoned my Mag. I will go far enough to say that I regret that.

    Mag, by nature, is a full-on support Warframe. Whether or not anybody noticed that for the longest of times, I have no beany clue. Last time I checked, the community found her as a useless, discard-able, and unorthodox choice, and those who used her were either starters, hipsters, or just plain stupid. I don't know if that's changed, but I have Dreads (What Stalker?) that they haven't changed.

    How often do you see a Mag? Not very often. Somewhere along the lines of how …

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