I'm ready to take plenty of hits for this thought, but I've had it for a while, and I want other people's opinions.

I'm relatively new to WARFRAME, but I love this game. The fact that it is virtually possible to obtain EVERYTHING though hard work and playing just fascinates me. And, I've always wondered: what if they make it totally free?

Before you eat me, let me set things straight. I'm not telling DE to go bankrupt here. I simply have an idea for something called SLOT EXPANDER.

It'd code in a new item, which there's going to be two variants.




You can probably see where I'm going with this.

Now, these would replace the "buy slots" button in the inventory, and instead be found in the market. That would be inconvenient. Sorry.

Now, the reason why it has to be a whole new item, is so that it can be crafted. Yes, like everything else in WARFRAME. The blueprints, though, I want to make them super, super, souper special. A few possible ways to make them this way:

BLUEPRINT ONLY: Only able to be made from crafting (excluding the Platinum-bypass of buying it premade)

ALERT MISSIONS, WE LOVE YOU, RNG: Make this RARE. RARER THAN THOSE POTATOS. And I mean REALLY rare. Make people MURDER for these things, because it should NEVER be easy to get more slots.

DAILY REWARDS, LOG IN, ALLDAYEVERYDAY: Extend the Log-In system to 30 days. Yes, 30 days. Make people become stalkers (not Stalker) of WARFRAME, and throw in a few even prettier, even shinier rewards into the 30 day stuff (but make sure to make them think RNG hates them: you should never let good things go easy). My idea is to add these two expander blueprints into that 30 day, and an earlier idea I probed a long time ago, bits (and I mean teeny) of TUNA CANS (Platinum) into these, such as quantities of 1, 2, and 5 at most. And make RNG REALLY hate this, something like a 1:500 chance to get a coin of plat.

VOID, TOWER [Insert ridiculously high number]: When they add new Void levels, i.e Tower IV, Tower V, Tower VI, Boss Tower Battles, etc. A good, rare, high level completion reward. Probably also really rare.

(All the past 3 are implied to be blueprint only, not the actual item.)

Then make the composition similar to a potato.

Morphic: 5/10/20

Neural Sensor: 5

Neurodes: 5

Orokin Cell: 5/10

Control Module: 5

Gallium: 5/10/15/20

Forma: 1/5

Annoyingly hard materials like that.

Considering this is currently a pay-only service at this moment, this has to be HARD to get.

Also, I think that colors could also be done in a similar sense, only with component pallettes, like Warframe components, the standard rainbow colors, white and black, etc, and just use cells to slap it together.

Well, this is my idea in a summary, so hopefully I can get vicious feedback,  which would still be thoughtful. 

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