So, apparently Lotus is actually giving us a choice for once, being the slave-driver she is, that's rare.

If you want to look deeply into it enough, if we fight for the Corpus, we save our fellow Tenno. If we fight for Grinner, we risk putting them in power, based on the message the Lotus has given us.

My interpretation is:

Corpus Win: Potential New Frame (really doubtful) or some other shiny deal like usual. it's Corpus, yo. I can't read, apparently. So, if the Corpus win, I'm assuming we'll get something shiny and new, perhaps weapons, or tech, or just fancy mods. Downside? Tenno are GONEEEEE.

Grineer Win: They win. No idea what'll happen.

Based on that it says, if we fight for the Grineer, it'll strengthen them, but we save our Tenno. So my minor and hoeful speculation is: We get a new Frame. Or two. Maybe three. I've got to stop dreaming. Downside? Perhaps EVEN MORE Grineer planets. Bawww.

Talk about it below, because I want all you peoples thoughts on it. Graemer.

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