Yeah, I know that there's a blog about electric shield, in which the guy mentions this effect of the ability, but if I just bump this thing here, it'll get more attention and maybe ppl will try it out and do more researches about it. So here's the thing:

Weapons, which are affected by electric shields primary buffs (bonus electric dmg/crit dmg amp), equipped with punch through, are able to hit an enemy more than one time with just one shot.

evidence1 evidence2 evidence3

Every pic is about ONE shot from my tetra, with maxed shred and metal auger, through a maxed electric shield. The mechanic is different from multi shot, since you can still hit somebody just once with a shot and the damage instances are delayed a bit afaik.

I still want this thing to be hidden from DE's nerfhammer, but since the ogris can land 25k in one shot and not getting nerfed, I'm not that afraid of the attention. The best would be if they just cleared the fact how does this work. But untill then, it's up to US to discover and get things like this straight.

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