As I'm reading through the wiki from day to day, I always find things, that were believed to be cleared and known to us, be altered, because it's mechanic changed, or sombody realised that all the tests about that particular thing were wrong. So I thought, why isn't there a method in game, to place a character somewhere, and shoot it to see how your weapons work. Ofc the codex made our jobs a bit easier, but no skills, or deeper mod/weapon synergies are mentioned in it. All in all, my idea would be to create a room, which could be added to the dojo, where you could "summon" the bad guys who are scanned 100%, and do whatever you want with them. They'd have infinite HP, like a training dummy, you could set their LVL, toggle between active or passive AI, while you could check your DPS in a very detailed way, all the damages separately, with the resists and mods. This would be only a new sandbox-like feature, but would save hours or even days for someone here.

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