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    New personal weapon ideas

    October 1, 2013 by Mojogrow

    Hey! Well, this is my first blog so this might not go over as well as I hope but here goes nothing!

    As the new additions to clan weapons have have been coming with each new patch, I beleive it only fitting to assume that the next patch will be featuring brand new clan weapons from our favorite faction (to kill), the GRINEER!

    Now, as with the other clan-tech research, each faction's researchable weapons tend to be of the same style as the faction it is based off of and as such reflects the feel of such fation (to some sort of degree). Be it the technological feel of the corpus laser weaponry, or the squishy and living design of the infested arsenal, each hold some semblance to the faction they are based on. As for the Grineer, they have more …

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