Hey! Well, this is my first blog so this might not go over as well as I hope but here goes nothing!

As the new additions to clan weapons have have been coming with each new patch, I beleive it only fitting to assume that the next patch will be featuring brand new clan weapons from our favorite faction (to kill), the GRINEER!

Now, as with the other clan-tech research, each faction's researchable weapons tend to be of the same style as the faction it is based off of and as such reflects the feel of such fation (to some sort of degree). Be it the technological feel of the corpus laser weaponry, or the squishy and living design of the infested arsenal, each hold some semblance to the faction they are based on. As for the Grineer, they have more of a salvaged look to most of their weapons, such as Ignis, which upon closer inspection is a standard grakata with a feul tank and hose attached to it. So with recycled and scrap in mind, let's see some of my ideas for the new clan-tech grineer weapons: 

  • Aragiris (shrapnel shotgun) ( Rank 5 )
This weapon, as with any shotgun, will fire off multiple rounds, this time of Serrated blade damage. Firing a medium sized cone (think Strun) of 10 "bullets" each dealing 14 damage of Serrated Blade damage type at a rate of 1.5 rounds/second, this gun will be the hard hitter of the shotgun family. While possessing damage larger than most due to it's armor ignoring metal shards, it will be able to dispatch enemies in one fell swoop, like shotguns are designed to do. Featuring an open funnel on top of a rather standard looking shotgun, it's Reload of 1 second and Clip size of 3 shots would be acheived by a makeshift funnel connected to the middle of the barrel, in which the tenno would pour bits of metal into, as a reload animation. The idea is that the grineer seem to use and modify existing weapons into larger and rougher killing machines, so the concept of using everyday metal as a form of ammo would be in the interest of the faction.
  • Twin Kor (Dual Maces) ( Rank 8 )
Following in the footsteps of the Fragor and it's Brokk alternative skin, the Twin Kor will be two maces which the Tenno weilds with the grace of a butterfly trying to lift a rock. Featuring a Medium-Short Range and rather slow "regular" Swing Speed of 1.05 swings/second, it would be offset by offering 95 damage per swing of Physics Impact Damage. Coupled with this would be a charge speed of 1.2 seconds to inflict 200 damage of Forcefield Damage (See Kogake or Kestrel) to allow for a heavy, yet compact killing machine. This high damage would finally allow for normal/regular attacks to be able to compete with the dps of charged weapons. 
  • Explosive Kunai (<---) ( Rank 9 )
Functioning like the current Kunai, these will be fitted with a small satchel bomb attached to the rear end of the weapon, allowing for rather explosive results. Dealing 100 Physics Impact Damage with an additional explosive damage of 250 in a 6 meter radius, these weapons will be the orgis of the sidearms. Due to the added weight, they will have a larger arc pattern and slightly slower fire rate of 2 rounds/second and Clip size of 8. Reload should remain the same, since digging into your pockets isn't really changed due to added weight.

Keep in mind these are rough ideas, but I think I was able to convey the general idea. Please tell me what you think and leave any comments as to your own ideas. Thanks for reading!


Random weapon thoughts

See name followed by bold print.

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