Note that this build guide was made in August of 2015. Several abilities may have been been buffed or nerfed by Digital Extremes since this video was made. While this build may still viable, bear this in mind if you wish to make this build.

This video guide will cover my Sundering Skies build, also known as Orbital Strike Zephyr.

Build Guide Sundering Skies Zephyr - Warframe07:58

Build Guide Sundering Skies Zephyr - Warframe

The concept is simple: Stay airborn and bomb the enemy into oblivion from altitude. Not being heavy on defenses or geared for prolonged close-ranged engagements, this build is a long ranged striker designed to lay down tactical ordinance either by precision targeting or carpet bombing. Enough explosions to make a Combat Engineer's mouth water... And to level a few cities worth of bad guys.

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