• Mr. Cannonfodder


    November 14, 2013 by Mr. Cannonfodder

    Tenno Grenades --------------------  I would like to see grenades added to the game. I got a simple concept for them. Its posable to make them a secondary weapon maybe holstered like the kuni but fire like the Paris/Dread/Paris prime. The reason I recommend them being holstered like is to give realism to the weapon for when it is used. I'll explain... Grenades can come in the shape of spheres. Take a look at Halo. So have half a sphere on each led. When you equip the grenades your warframe grabs one of each half. One half being the primer, the other being the volatile half. When you tap/hold your "fire" button your Warframe could connect the halfs and twist to lock and make the Grenade live. The reason for the twist to acctivate is so when…

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