Tenno Grenades --------------------  I would like to see grenades added to the game. I got a simple concept for them. Its posable to make them a secondary weapon maybe holstered like the kuni but fire like the Paris/Dread/Paris prime. The reason I recommend them being holstered like is to give realism to the weapon for when it is used. I'll explain... Grenades can come in the shape of spheres. Take a look at Halo. So have half a sphere on each led. When you equip the grenades your warframe grabs one of each half. One half being the primer, the other being the volatile half. When you tap/hold your "fire" button your Warframe could connect the halfs and twist to lock and make the Grenade live. The reason for the twist to acctivate is so when you switch to yor primary weapon your Warframe can safely disconnect the halfs ultimately disarming the grenade for later use. After all who wants a live grenade (especially your own) stuck to your hip. Some mods strictly for the grenades would be nice too. Maybe a mod that turns it into a sticky grenade, proximity bomb, and if so willing a cluster bomb. The enemy can use them why not the Tenno?

Sentinel  -------------------------  Just throwing this out there. We have sentinels that fires on sight, and even return fire. How about one that fires at the same time you do and at the same time. Synchronized fire on what ever enemy you happen to be aiming at. I have had too many sentinel moments where it love to shoot the ground and not cover my sorry butt. (Yes the sentinel is just shooting the enemies that have glitched into the floor.) Maybe get when an enemy is close have a second ability that involves it dropping a mine or somthing like that. Great for ambush and hit and run tactics, or even mob control when you get swarmed.

HUD ----------------------------  Okay first off I know I can see the teams health when I hit the pause button but I would like to see more of it. Make it so we can toggle it to be shown during game play and not just in the pause menu. maybe a shield bar as well, along with an arrow next to players names shoing where people are according to you on the level. An arrow up showing players are ahead of you in the level and an arrow pointing down for players that are behind you. I play as a Trinity so this would greatly help me out. As for other players who might use it, they could fall back or storm ahead if thay notice a player is having trouble and or may need to be revived soon. With this new display in place then people wont have to get shot up just to check on their team. Every one is fine but I'm just standing here soaking up fire as the price for checking on my squad. (I had a massive noob moment where I didn't even notice that I had it set up to where pressing "P" would display players health and shields. *faceplant* x_x)

These ideas they seem reasonable and not to over the top but its not up to me if they get implemented, I'm just glad to have toss my ideas out there. Thanks for reading

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