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    About Mods

    January 28, 2015 by MrDonutTaco

    I want to talk about the Mods on the Warframe.

    You know when you're out of mod capacity but you only need like level 3 of the mod but you got a level 5? Yea you could go put Forma on it but what I would like to talk about is not about the slot, or the mod capacity. I want to talk about the adjustable level of the mod.(e.g) If you have a level 10 Heavy Caliber but you only need level 8 because you don't want your accuracy to be greatly reduced, I wish that when you maxed a mod, you can adjust it to what or any level you like.

    I know Warframe is a grinding game. Maybe you could add an option to that?

    And how about those guys who spend a lot of time to get all levels of Heavy Caliber, that's the problem for me :/ .

    Bottomline : I am lazy

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