(this is mostly a rant that I wrote for myself. Don't know where else to put it so :3)

So that Frost nerf last week that seemingly came out of the blue got me thinking real hard. Snow Globe - pretty much the cornerstone of every Defense game. We all got so used to it that having it taken away was like being forced to walk for the first time. Strategies had to be reworked. We failed where we succeeded without effort before. It was humbling, sure.

But I don't think my interest in the game has ever been so reinvigorated. We all had to go back to the drawing board and look at the other tools we had in our arsenals. Call me a nerd, but that's the first time in a while I really felt like a true Tenno.

So yeah. That got me thinking. We better get ready for what's next.

Take a look at Snow Globe and what they did with it. What was the problem with that skill? It blocked damage. An infinite amount of damage. And we spammed it like our lives depended on it because, quite literally, they did. But let's go back to the problem - what it did was allow a Frost to spend a paltry amount of resources to basically block everything in the game. You spent X amount of power and got a limitless shield in return. Maybe that was okay way back when, when the amount of damage Snow Globe actually ended up blocking wasn't that high (I'm talking about early builds without the hyper overleveled enemies). But now the scaling is actually getting up there. What was once a reasonable skill became gamebreaking.

Sound familiar? There a few other skills in the game just like that. Spend X, get (hypothetically) infinity. Again, these skills were designed at a time when that hypothetical amount was actually pretty low so it all worked out. Currently that amount is huge and just keeps growing. And, quite reasonably I understand now, DE had to draw the line somewhere.

And they're going to keep drawing those lines. Look at the skills that give you an infinite amount of anything and you'll know where.

Yep. Trinity's Blessing. Here is a list of possibilites I came up with:

1. Change the invincibility to a damage shield effect. The invincibility was originally there, I think, so that the Trinity wouldn't feel like the full heal effect was wasted by having   everyone get downed a few seconds later. Remember the 4th ability used to be a "tide changer" that you used in emergencies. Now (thanks to cost efficiency mods) it's either always on or every room. I believe all 4th's will be rebalanced accordingly in due time, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms.

2. Give it a range (so you can't just slap Narrow Minded on with no penalties).

3. Make its duration unaffected by Power Duration mods (lazy, but it works).

4. Change it entirely to a strong heal over time effect (enough to go from 0-100% health in a second or so). Same basic effect of giving your team a boost to win a tough fight, but doesn't let you do insane things like facetank Heavy Gunners (which NOBODY should be able to do. They are heavy units for a reason, people).

Of course, just like how they nerfed Frost they won't just nerf Blessing and leave Trinity out in the cold. While they nerfed Snow Globe they buffed every single one of Frost's other abilities. So instead of dreading the day they'll nerf Blessing just think of how they'll change Well of Life and Energy Vampire to be more useful c:

Feel free to discuss, flame, insert insult here _____.

(tl;dr Skills without limits WILL be capped. Prepare yourselves, Tenno.)

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