Hellooo!:3                                                                                                                                                        Warning; This is a first time i do a blog and it may contain intel that you aren't interested in, possibly surprrising/obvious results by a frequent Ember player. May also cause stress, depression, annoyment and nausea. If you feel all theese symptoms at the same time, you better get in touch with that doctor of yours. :D

Even as Ember has been nerf'd, she has gotten MINOR buffs, even as we've had some problem defining what the current buffs has been. Anyway, atleast we do know that DE did some minor offensive buffs for Fireball, Overheat, Fireblast and that they tweaked WoF very carefully!                                                                                            Still waiting for Armor 2.0 tho! =p

Warframe 2013-10-30 14-37-22-85

Woah, look at that:D

Warframe 2013-10-30 14-36-44-79

Dat energy-blockage!

Oneshotting a lv 40-42 Fusion MOA (left) dealing a whopping 1512 damage (372 shield-dmg and 1140 health-dmg)! Whilst oneshotting a lv 50-51 MOA (right) dealing 1508 damage. It seems like WoF centers at the fanny/backpack of the MOA's dealing ~300% damage, but it's damage is already heavily reduced from 1860 to around 1000-1500 damage, between lv 30-50.

Warframe 2013-10-30 15-56-54-99

Bad Caption, will replace that later.

Warframe 2013-10-30 15-56-56-40

Lol, anoother bad caption

WoF is quite useful vs MOA's, whilst it's almost useless vs the crewmen/techies since it deals half the damage to the Crewmen's. The damage is between 280-300 against low-lv Crewmen, and that's ridicously low.

Warframe 2013-10-30 15-57-53-49

Osprey^ F.MOA -->

<---WoF deals about 500-540 damage to a lv 30-50          Osprey's and 1560 damage to the MOA.                  Marvelous! :3           

Warframe 2013-10-30 14-34-32-56

<--Current build vs Corpus. It has it's flaws, i just wanted to show you it.


Was fun, I would enjoy some constructive criticism :)

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