Written at Update: Lunaro

Currently Updated to Update: Lunaro 7.1

This guide is for reaching Rotation C once of maybe twice on endless T3-T4 Void missions (Defense and Interception).

General Strategies

  • Carrying Gear items just in case like Specters (both Tenno and Syndicates) and Restores. It is recommended to not use the Corrupted Lancer Specter to avoid confusion.
  • A safe way to deal with Corrupted Nullifiers is to use automatic or continuous firing weapons to destroy its bubble quickly.
  • With Oberon and Trinity, it is useful to activate the Show Player List under the Hud tab in Options to know when teammates aren't at full health.

Fully removing Armor

Reducing Armor is extremely useful to deal with Corrupted Heavy Grineer (Corrupted Bombards and Corrupted Heavy Gunners) since they are extremely resilient at high level.

It is not necessary to fully remove Armor at low level, since the following suggestions can be quite restrictive and inconvenient to implement.

See here for other suggestions.

Mag General Strategies

  • Greedy Pull may be used to replace a Carrier with a longer range Sentinel.
  • Polarize deals with both Armor and Shields, greatly reducing Corrupted defensive capacity.
  • Using Magnetize creates a danger-zone absorbing weapon fire and shredding enemies within. Should be used after Polarize to exploit the shards. Extra Power Range creates a bigger danger zone.
  • Crush is used for crowd control.

Excalibur General Strategies

  • Radial Blind crowd-controls and exposes enemies to melee finishers, completely ignoring armor and shields, extremely useful for fast killing Corrupted Heavy Grineer. However it does not ignore the Damage Reduction aura from Corrupted Ancients (unless using Covert Lethality mod with Daggers, in that case finishers always kill), so the Ancients must be eliminated first. Destroy Corrupted Nullifier bubbles first so that all enemies be affected.

Volt General Strategies

Rhino General Strategies

Oberon General Strategies

Saryn General Strategies

  • Use Spore on Corrupted Heavy Grineer or clustered enemies then pop the spores to easily inflict a Viral proc, making them easier to kill.

T4 Defense Strategies

  • Although it will not inflict a lot of damage, the Xiphos Sentry Gun can help in spotting enemies and shrinking Corrupted Nullifier bubbles. It is recommend to deploy it on the Cryopod after Corrupted Vor is dealt with, because he tends to spawn near the Cryopod and will most likely destroy the Sentry Gun with his abilities.
  • A good rule of thumb is to never leave Frost's Snow Globe until most enemies are dealt with. This naturally requires the use of long range weapons in order to safely score kills.

Warframe Specific Strategies

  • Maintaining the Snow Globe as Frost is crucial for protecting both the Cryopod and teammates. All spare Energy should be spent recasting Snow Globe to increase its hitpoints. It is recommend to have very high Power Range on Snow Globe, in order to have a bigger safe zone allowing more maneuvering space, and most importantly, protection against Corrupted Bombard AoE damage. With the extra Power Range, Frost can also freeze more enemies with Avalanche.
  • Cast Roar as Rhino at the beginning of a wave so that all teammates may benefit from damage buff.
  • Use Hallowed Ground near the Cryopod for extra protection if the Defense Objective is surrounded.

T4 Interception Strategies

The Void Interception Map is very large, and most of the action will happen near the Tenno spawning point.

Warframe Specific Strategies

  • Vauban's Bastille can be used to protect Broadcast Tower Consoles and prevent Corrupted from moving out of their spawning points. High Power Duration is necessary and extra Power Range enhance this strategy.
  • Frost's Snow Globe with the Warframe Augment Mod Chilling Globe can freeze Corrupted to protect the Broadcast Tower Consoles. Frozen Corrupted will block other Corrupted preventing them from accessing the consoles. High Power Range is necessary to fully cover all consoles.
  • Limbo's Cataclysm can be used to protect one Broadcast Tower Consoles because enemies can't interact with them while in the Rift.