aka Optimus Prime

  • I live in In an orange house with 2 floors.
  • I was born on May 21
  • My occupation is Necrofying anyone who doesn't want to have early lunch with Konzu
  • I am a Corpus Bollard
  • Bio I am one of the oldest transformers who has only died like 15 times in every continuity

    Pepsi Convoy is the best

    Tell me a good reason why I shouldn't play as Nekros, Harrow, and Octavia

    Ironhide, Rampage, Motormaster, and Scattershot are the best characters

    If you search for Kiss players may The Lotus bless your eyes with bleach.
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  • NekrosUmbra

    First you are in a nice looking Sortie.

    Spy:Radiation Hazard

    Rescue:Enemy Physical Enhancement

    Defense:Eximus Stronghold

    Nuff said, but in all seriousness you are not the Host, so first mission Host Migration when THE HOST triggers the alarm in your Vault making you go panic like you are about to die! So you try and hack the vault but you don't enter the hacking animation because of a Host Migration you return and the Lotus says you failed.

    1 like=1 Not broken Controller/keyboard.

    You try again and suceed finally you win yey!

    Then you do the other mission (Sarcastic yey). It's going okay I guess until you reach the prison you and the other guy are their you open the door and everybody rushes in the Prison, you go through the SNEAKY way the one wh…

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