I was drawing a concept for this project I'm working on and it came out looking kinda warframey so I thought why not share it.


I had this idea of like an ancient warframe, one from the experimental stages of frame development, before the primes. I'm not sure how much this would ruin the lore but I pictured this guy that volunteered to be transformed into a killing machine in a last ditch effort to ward off some enemy threat. It worked, but the experiment was a failure since, over time, these ancient frames would regress into brutal, primal beings, unable to be controlled. They were left as consequences of under-developed technology. So the primes were built later as suits of armor rather than actual biologically manipulated beings to fix this problem.

Movement & Appearance


I want this guy to be really fast with jerky/twitchy, animalistic movement, and a real raw, melee-oriented fighting style. Using his whole body to slash an enemy he would deliver devastating blows, often smashing them into the ground, sometimes causing damage to himself in the process. The armor is a white Orokin-tech-infused bio-shell and is the actual "skin" of the bearer. It is covered in marks and scratches from countless battles but otherwise appears clean, hardened and old. When sprinting for a longer time he will drop to all fours and run like a beast (maybe?). The jumps would be slightly longer and higher than other frames.

Now since this is an older frame prototype it doesn't have a place for a Catalyst so when one is installed it would be visible somewhere on the back.


Health 400
Power 200
Armor 10
Shield Capacity 400
Sprint speed 1.3
Polarities 4x skill
Aura polarity None

  • First: Screech   (energy cost: 35)
The frame violently moves his upper torso forward, opening its otherwise hidden mouth, and screams at his enemies, staggering and damaging the ones close to him while making others nearby fear him, running away temporarily. Damage dealt: 200-ish

  • Second: Instinct  (energy cost: 35)
Lunges at nearby enemies, knocking down any in his path and causing AoE damage when hitting the ground.

  • Third: Predator  (energy cost: 60)
The surrounding area fades and enemies light up, the frame merges with it's melee weapon, giving it a considirable damage boost (+50%) and making him faster for a short period of time (5-6 sec.) The player is unable to use any ranged weapons when in this state.

  • Fourth: Some kind of summoning/transformation.

NOTICE: All of this is open to change and I encourage everyone to come forward with any ideas/improvements/balancing issues

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