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    December 14, 2014 by Ninjamander

    Welcome to my blog! From now on I will probably attempt to post some of my build for every warframe, why is good and where it could be usefull. You are always free to leave a comment if you like or dislike x build and why.

    [in construction]


    Hello~ Welcome to my blog! I will try to post in here at least once a week about my status in warframe (logbook?) You are free to ask me some question but keep in mind I have the right to not answer them  if I do not understand you or dislike your question.

    I enjoy trying various build on different warframe (or break them =p) and I am currently in a dilema, I do not know what warframe to use as my main! All I can do is to try to put at least 2 forma on most of my warframe. Who know, we may play tog…

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