Its 2am and I am disoriented to the point that it is taking me more than a minute just to type this one centence (been up for a good 24hrs). Once again I am thinkming up bright ideas when i should really be sleeping (but thanks to a crush who is texting me that isn't happening). Now aside from my needy bitching of my bodily health from not sleeping, I've come up with a good idea for some blog posts on the wiki:

   Challenges! Every Monday (Probably not I'll most likely forget or change the time) I will make a blog post with a new challenge for you guys to complete. Mind you this is only for fun and I dont really care who completes it, I'm just at the point in warframe where I have everything I want and dont know where to go from there beside getting every weapon and warframe in the game. I have noticed that a lot of people have this dilema and I will be trying to remedy that with these challenges.

Challenge: Stealth - Vor

 Now, lets get started. I dont know the difficulty of any challenge I employ on my blogs as of at the moment due to me not testing them first hand. I am not liable for any dificulty or deaths that occur during any of these challenges.

 With that said, The challenge is: complete Mercury - Tolstoj without being detected.

   Restrictions are: No sentinels. (Loki/Ash/Banshee and silent weapons/moded silent weapons allowed)

   Post in the comments if you think I should continue these or weather or not you completed it.

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