Today Thoughts About the Future

 The longer I play this game the more often I come to this conclusion. Warframe is a PVE Co-opish game in which players are supposed to achieve a goal together to gain experience and things they need to build future equipment, bla bla bla. You guys have played the game you can explain it to yer damn selves.

 Now heres my issue, things like these seem to be the real goals of players in games.

(written in Mindset --> Conclusion format)

What players want vs how they achieve it and what happens afterwords:

  • "I want a warframe that fits my play style and a weapon I like." --> (Now has Ember with a Strun, Lex, & Furax) "Why is it that I can never get as much damage as the other damage warframes and weapons?" ==Conclusion: Dissatisfied.
  • "I read up on the wiki what frame will have the most durability and highest weapon dps." --> (Now has Rhino with a Hek, Acrid & Orthos Prime) "Now I can work towards getting whatever else I want with little to no effort and even without team mates if I want." ==Conclusion: Satisfied.
  • "Me and my friend want to play the frames that we want that will compliment eachother with support and damage." --> (They now have Vauban and Nova with [insert offensive and supportive weapons here]) "Well now my friend just does everything for me and I just revive him when nessicary. I don't have any damage and my support skills are near completely unneeded." ==Conclusion: Got bored getting carried pretty quickly.

 Warframes with high damage are more often saught after than warframes with supportive powers more often than not. This may either have something to do with how every ability for every warframe uses only a few words to explain the ability/warframe, neither giving any information into the ability, or even classifying the warframe as a support, tanky, or damage heavy warframe.

(I am fully aware that it takes way more teamwork at the end of the game but the concept is still the same.)

Setting is Set, Now for the Real Thoughts

 Now with an understanding on how this even came to be I'll explain what I mean about changes to Co-operative Play.

 There is a reward for completing a mission with more than one person and that is the bonus experience and the fact that exp is strewn across your frame and weapons equally depending on what your friends or comrades killed. This is great, especially since that gives people the want to have party members and play with more people. People will strive to farm defense missions for days with three other people for the max amount of experience per minute they can achieve. This isn't a problem, its fine to farm for stuff especially when things in the game are so costly.

 Where my real problem lies is within the game itself, not just the numbers before and after the mission. I'm talkin' the meat of the whole thing, the actual gameplay. It usually plays out like this:

Team of Nyx, Loki, Rhino, & Nova. Nyx uses Chaos, all targets shooting at eachother, Rhino stomps to kill half of them as they both start to clean up the room. Nova has already Molecular Primed the next three rooms and they're clear. Loki has completed the objective and is already waiting at the end.

 I understand that is heavily exaggerated, but it's true, Nova would have half the map wiped while the rest of the players try to keep up (or if you're the loki then you're a million steps ahead).

 I'm not just another person bitching that nova is overpowered and bla bla bla, I just wish that these four here could be even capable of working together past Nyx and Rhino.

Now for What I Think Will Fix It

 None of the warframes are listed as damage type or not. You need to decipher this yourself or look it up on the wiki. Why not just make it easier on the players and classify them?

 Last night as i tried to fall asleep with my brain wanting to work overtime at 5am I was thinking about warframe. Now I spent two hours literally running all of this over in my head like three times and coming up with more each time. I dont think that everyone should do less damage to make them rely on other's capabilities more, or that some frames are just plain broken and they need to be fixed. The problem I think there is, is that there isn't a single bit of incentive to actually do anything besides let the nova kill everything.

 Now I'm no bright star in a veil of darkness, I've been on Eris, Xini for the past month with full sets of Unranked equipment and frames to get my mastery up. After awhile of trying to help as much as I could I learned that whatever I did my unmoded weapons and my low level frame were more of a burden than helpful, so all i began doing was sitting myself in EXP range and windowing to browse facebook or the wiki or something equally stupid. I am the scum of defense missions people. Bite me.

   Lets use Vauban as an example:

  • Mediocre frame, no special amounts of armor or shields or run speed: Completely normal
  • His Tesla is useless. No damage for too much emnergy cost: Unused
  • His Bounce is and okay ability for securing small areas that leak a few enemies each wave of a defense: Meh
  • Bastille. Probably one of the best support CC ability in the game: wtf op mang
  • His Vortex if used correctly will never be a huge damage ability but can be used to ragdoll and move enemies around: Invaluable in tense moments in defense missions.

 This guy is a MUST in end game defense missions, but besides his last two abilities what does he do? VAUBAN IS A SUPPORT CLASS, literally to the bone. They should rework tesla to be a supportive ability because that is what Vauban is.

 I'm not saying they should change him in amny way besides tesla. I love Vauban and he is one of my prized frames. What I'm saying is that maybe they should put two and two together and...

Add Pairing Warframes

 This is probably the best idea I've come up with since the spatuspoon (a spatula spoon). Vauban should have a similar concept partnered warframe. One that also uses those little metal ball bearings to maybe summon turrets and things that do damage. Same theme, different class of warframe.

This could work for any Warframe in the game:

  • Nekros and Nyx would be perfect together if their themes were matched. Using the Chaos to make every enemy turn oneachother while nekros uses his Shadows to kill everything with impunity.
  • Nova and Rhino would be perfect together. Rhino grabs all the attention from surrounding enemies/bosses while nova picks them off in waves.
  • Saryn and Trinity would be cool together, one poisons and kills while the other heals and protects. They might as well be the alchemical sisters, iunno.
  • Ash with Loki, Loki draws fire with his decoy while the two go and melee every single enemy to death whil invisible.

 There are a shazbot amount of parings already, it's a fiesta waiting to happen.

I'm not just using this for no reason, theres a reason.

 What if using these pairs together amplifies experience or damage? What if abilities could chain together for massive effects? What if there could be more to the way we play Warframe besides mindlessly runing through missions for loot and experience?

 Warframes paired together would make players plan ahead exactly like that without the thought of "My partner is just doing everything while I'm sitting here useless as all hell!"

 With the incentive of more experience or more damage hanging in the air everyone will strive to pair with friends and plan ahead to be able to work a million times more efficently.

Last Question for This Never Ending Wall of Text

 Do you think that this would be an amazing idea?

 Do you think that this would be incentive to play with friends more often and actually work together?

 If yes to both, should I try and bring this up to the devs? (no matter how much they ignore me).

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