• Nova20HUN

    Warframe idea!

    January 14, 2014 by Nova20HUN

    Here is this little picture from a not too famous artist's amazing work, and i would love to use this warframe ingame, i think it the could be the best looking characters ever :D  but im out of ideas... If i try to think of something new to this frame i look at it and i can only imagine an ash+stalker+loki+nekros frame...nothing new :p. 

    So i ask your opinions/ideas and i have a question: If im not a founder can i still recommend ideas? If yes, how? If not, then please any of you who has the permissions to recommend do it :)

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  • Nova20HUN

    Ember Prime Components

    December 23, 2013 by Nova20HUN

    Since ember prime is out im trying to get her. After doing more than 50 void captures (seriously 50+)i finished here with:

    • 1 helmet
    • 2 system
    • 1 blueprint (this is from orokin derelict defense 10th run 20 min always)
    • 19 bronco prime barrel + 5 receiver
    • a few forma
    • and 0 freaking chassis.

    Now i feel this unfair even more because i cant trade them and selling them for about 2500 credit,haha. :(

    I made this blog because im whining, i think a few of you feel the same and i want dev to buff the droprates.

    Warframe y no drop me chassis? ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

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  • Nova20HUN

    So the new event started and i need a few tip and i have a few questions.

    • 1.Thoughts about Twin wraith vipers? Worth the farming?
    • 2.Can i get jade leaves at night?
    • 3.Where the hell can i find these Jade leaves  ? I mean i farmed it for a few hours and couldn't find any. Tips? Or if you find it please take a picture and send it here because i heard a theory which says they only appear in water(not sure).

    Looking forward to all replies, thanks for reading! (sorry for my bad english)​​ 


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  • Nova20HUN

    A few month ago,actually about more than 6 month ago my "steam in-game community"/overlay(a.k.a Shift+Tab) just broke. Now if i press shift + tab ingame nothing happens and i also cant see if someone writes to me on steam. Its getting really annoying and i dont know how to fix it. I need help, im looking forward to all replies.

    (sorry for my bad english)


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  • Nova20HUN

    Acrid huge nerf?

    November 21, 2013 by Nova20HUN

    (Sorry for my bad english :P)

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