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  • I am Oberon
  • Noxatron

    So, there are some weapons that don't get much attention/you rarely see people running around with them. These are mostly the weapons that got nerfed, or those that were weak and later buffed. Cough Acrid Cough. Some of those are:

    Seer: The thing does 84 damage, and it's balanced: 28 slash, 28 puncture and 28 impact. I played waay before Captain Vor got reworked, and I've seen only one guy with a Seer pistol.


    Kraken: I don't know much about it, but Darthmufin (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) said that it was pretty damn powerful.


    Tetra: The rifle that is Supra+Dera. It was underrated at first, but after the buff, it's slowly getting more attention (but not the Soma kind of attention).


    Ballistica: DE stealth buffed it and it now wrecks face.…

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  • Noxatron

    Now, this amazing post has been started by a Lone Tenno. I'll just quote it:

    Well I am sure other players can agree with me on this one, single problem I ever really had with Rhino Prime: With his Vanguard, he runs as fast as Loki. As a person who generally mains Loki, I find it slightly unfair that this awesome tank frame that is meant to be heavy and slow has the capacity to move like the "lightest" and fastest frame in the game. I always felt that Loki would forever be the fastest low HP ninja in the game, but now Rhino can be the just as fast with far higher tanking abilities. I feel that the only way this can have ammends made for it is with a Loki Prime (whenever they decide to make it, no rush on that) which also has an increased bas…

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  • Noxatron

    Alright, so I recently got Nova, and like the Warframe a hell of a lot. Mostly because I can demolish dozens of mobs with just one ability - Antimatter Drop (This plus Paris Prime - 82k+ damage) or Molecular Prime (Boom.).

    So why do people hate Nova? Well sure her abilities are devastating, we all know that. But she's fragile, so the only situation where she is OP is when there's a Frost or Rhino or Trinity or Oberon or other tanky, supportive frame present in the team. I know that newbies don't hate her that much (or do you?) because in tough (for them) defense missions she is the only frame that can do ridiculous damage (Mag doesn't count :P). The biggest hatred is coming from more skilled players, who can do enough damage themselves. The…

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  • Noxatron

    Warframe Favorite Set

    March 10, 2014 by Noxatron

    WARNING. Be careful of giant walls of text and pictures.

    So, as you probably guessed from the title, I am going to ask you about your favorite sets. You have to:

    1. Post a picture of your Warframe, tell us why you picked it.
    2. Post a picture of your primary, secondary, and melee weapon, and, again, tell us why you picked it/why is it your favorite.
    3. Post a picture of your sentinel, tell use why you picked it.
    4. When you have a full set, tell us what benefits does it have to you/why do you like it.

    Ill start first.

    WARFRAME: Oberon

    The reason why I picked this guy is because I once liked Excalibur, but he wasn't a balanced warrior. He had flight/fight abilities, so his survivability, for me, wasn't very high. But when Oberon came out and I saw his abilities…

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  • Noxatron

    1k plat

    March 5, 2014 by Noxatron

    I recently got 1000 platinum, but I don't know on what to spend it. (Btw this is my first platinum purchase) Help pls.

    I do not require information about end game content. I wont rush or do things similar to that. But im mostly asking about cosmetics.  Is it worth buying them? Or is it a waste of platinum?

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