Now, this amazing post has been started by a Lone Tenno. I'll just quote it:

Well I am sure other players can agree with me on this one, single problem I ever really had with Rhino Prime: With his Vanguard, he runs as fast as Loki. As a person who generally mains Loki, I find it slightly unfair that this awesome tank frame that is meant to be heavy and slow has the capacity to move like the "lightest" and fastest frame in the game. I always felt that Loki would forever be the fastest low HP ninja in the game, but now Rhino can be the just as fast with far higher tanking abilities. I feel that the only way this can have ammends made for it is with a Loki Prime (whenever they decide to make it, no rush on that) which also has an increased base speed.

No this is soley MY opinion. If you disagree and want to make a point about it, I would love for you to write below. I enjoy feedback about opinions so that perhaps I can reform mine and make it better, or better understand why other people have their opinions.

Now if we are having a stat change, do you people think/agree/disagree that we should have more stat changes to futer (and possibly old) prime frames?

Now there is this amazing reply (no sarcasm) by a Lone Tenno:

A good Loki is permanently invisible, never getting hit, especially if that Loki is regularly using Radial Disarm. Meanwhile Iron Skin is a straight number that starts losing usefulness at around level 30. So if you ask me, Loki has much better survivability.

But either way, I don't care if they take away Vanguard. Honestly, I don't care how useful some of the helmet stats are, I think simply removing all helmet stats would help balance a lot of frames, and I'd finally feel fine with using some of the cooler helmets that currently have shit stats.

And as far as Prime frames having stat boosts, even if the speed boost isn't absolutely immense, I would very much appreciate if DE made this both the first and last time this happens. Unless they wanna go back and give some bonuses to every other Prime frame, which I'm sure most people would take offense to regardless of how insignificant those boosts are. Especially for people who can't get Excal Prime now; you know people will get mad if they don't have him since he's unavailable, even though most of those people probably don't like Excal in the first place.

And there is this amazing idea by DarkaiXeno:

I feel like the OP should've made this into a blog. There would be many more reply's.

TBH, I agree with EVERYTHING. This post NEEDS to be converted to a Blog, because it's such a good one. We have to give credit to Dark, The OP, and The Replier. Links below: (The OP) (The Replier) (Dark)

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