Alright, so I recently got Nova, and like the Warframe a hell of a lot. Mostly because I can demolish dozens of mobs with just one ability - Antimatter Drop (This plus Paris Prime - 82k+ damage) or Molecular Prime (Boom.).

So why do people hate Nova? Well sure her abilities are devastating, we all know that. But she's fragile, so the only situation where she is OP is when there's a Frost or Rhino or Trinity or Oberon or other tanky, supportive frame present in the team. I know that newbies don't hate her that much (or do you?) because in tough (for them) defense missions she is the only frame that can do ridiculous damage (Mag doesn't count :P). The biggest hatred is coming from more skilled players, who can do enough damage themselves. The fact that Nova can do more damage than them, no matter what frame are they playing, is infact annoying. But do not forget that Nova is very delicate, and she has tiny shields so a high level Napalm can just destroy her with one or two shots. Then remember that Nova divides exp to all players, but herself, evenly. So, for example, if Nova would wipe out an enemy that gives 10 000 XP, that all players within the radius of 50 meters will get 2500 Warframe XP, 2500 Primary XP, 2500 Secondary XP, and 2500 Melee XP.

So there, I explained why you shouldn't hate Nova so much and ask DE to nerf her.

(P.S. If you do not agree with me, or have some more reasons that I haven't mentioned, feel free to post in the comment section. But please keep your language clean.)

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