So, there are some weapons that don't get much attention/you rarely see people running around with them. These are mostly the weapons that got nerfed, or those that were weak and later buffed. Cough Acrid Cough. Some of those are:

Seer: The thing does 84 damage, and it's balanced: 28 slash, 28 puncture and 28 impact. I played waay before Captain Vor got reworked, and I've seen only one guy with a Seer pistol.


Kraken: I don't know much about it, but Darthmufin (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) said that it was pretty damn powerful.


Tetra: The rifle that is Supra+Dera. It was underrated at first, but after the buff, it's slowly getting more attention (but not the Soma kind of attention).


Ballistica: DE stealth buffed it and it now wrecks face. Plus it's one of those rare long-range secondaries.


MK1-Braton: ,,Most underrated weapon ever. High clip size, near nonexistent recoil, and the highest accuracy of any hitscan weapon. Sure, the damage and fire rate are abysmal, but this thing gets to be a decent support weapon after some love. It's also super easy to raise the rank on this after the first forma, once that Serration and Shred get on it. (My obsession with this weapon started all with a tear shed knowing I could never get a Braton Vandal, so I vowed to make the MK1 as good as it could be.)"  - Raftr0

May this person be worshipped for giving the MK1-Braton a second chance...


Braton: ,,And to be totally honest, I think the regular Braton is underrated as well. Will it kill alot when you hit the higher levels? No, but it sure does wreck what it can kill with a little love and mods.“ – Cytro.


Acrid: Nerfed, then buffed. Tricky DE.


Dera: The rifle was crappy at start, but after Damage 2.0 Dera became insane. Lvl 40 Ancient Healer. Pew. Pew. Dead.


Dual Kamas: These weapons are very expensive to build (220 000 Credits, and a ton of resources) but they are worth it, especially after Melee 2.0. I rarely see people playing with these and I feel like Dual Kamas need some love from the community. With the Swirling Tiger stance these wreck everything - from hordes of Infested, to Derf Anyos and Salad Vs.


Dual Heat Swords: After Melee 2.0 and their lovely AoE slam attack update, they, as mentioned below, melt face. Literally.


If you have some more weapons to add to this lovely collection,  feel free to post below.


Now about the Warframes:


Saryn: She’s quite powerful, but I don’t see people using her, so I guess she’s just underrated by the community.


Loki: Everyone thinks Loki's weak and useless endgame. Nonsense. At higher levels his No-Damage skills gain a huge advantage. Radial Disarm becomes a Life Saver. A properly placed Decoy also synergises with that. Invisibility + Dual Ichors just wrecks face.


Excalibur: Only Radial Blind shines Endgame, but a 30 or more second stun is nice indeed ;) Now there is another quote by Raftr0:

,,Excalibur is indeed underrated. He can certainly get around with Slash Dash and Super Jump, and Radial Blind is a nice way of saying "nope" for 15 solid seconds on top of 4x meaty melee damage whacking and hacking brute-fest."

Much true, very worship.

Lets take a look at Excalibur from a different perspective:

,,I've got something else to say about Excalibur: He's the most versatile of the frames, other than Oberon. And even then, Excalibur still has a few more tricks up his sleeve. His Slash Dash and Super Jump give him good mobility, and his blind can shut down a whole room when used well. Not only that, but Maximized Power Strength on him can help boost his power into endgame much more than people realize. With 90% extra power strength on my Excal, I was able to do an ODD and still have my radial javelin kill level 25+ Ancients after blinding them. 

Now then, Maximized moves. Slash dash can do, with full power, 1220 damage (not counting any other modifiers) which is enough to take down about half the health bar of an Ancient, at the cost of (with mods to counter blind rage) 25 energy. Super jump can jump you 17.1 meters. Which is a rather LARGE jump to say the least. It can let you easily jump to spots that bosses can't reach, and with an accurate weapon, take down most bosses with ease. 

And, finally, super calculations. Radial Javelin, fully powered, can do 2440 damage with 36 javelins. That pierce through dead bodies. However, here's something else. If Mag drops a bullet attractor on an enemy and Excalibur lands right next to them and ults, hitting with every javelin, that's 2440 damage x 36 javelins. Which is equal to 87,840 damage. Now if that's NOT impressive, I truly don't know what is." - Rockbadger


Nyx (perhaps): No-Damage skills gain advantages at higher levels. Mind Control a Level 80 Ancient Healer and you're good to go. Absorb is nice, too.


Volt: Electricity gained a huge buff as of Damage 2.0, so...


Frost: After the Snow Globe nerf, a lot of people rage quitted Frost. Snow Globe is still protection (OFC not that much protection). His offensive skills are nice too.


Oberon: One of the most underrated frames ever. Why? I mean, he has 2 CC abilities (Smite - stagger, Reckoning - Knowkdown), one placeable ability (Hallowed Ground - when you have to weaken your enemies) and a Heal (Renewal). Sure he's no Rhino, sure he's no Vauban, and he's not Trinity. He's all of them combined. And, may I remind you, DE haven't nerfed him ONCE, because he was released weak then buffed, while Rhino or Trinity may get another nerf (Vauban not likely).

,,He's got Smite: Damage and Stagger (and you can still do things while smiting; such as, glaive throwing, reloading, shooting.), He's got hallowed ground (I think), which can do extreme damage, and you can lay it either at key points in survivals, or choke points in defense. Then renewal: You can use it for any sustained firefight, and it's generally more reliable than the Health buff applied on an enemy by Trinity. Lastly, Reckoning. It does GOOD damage, and knocks enemies down. Not only that, but if you're lucky, you can get about half of them (if not more) to drop health orbs. Add that in with an Equilibrium, and you've got a good supply of health and energy as long as you've got enemies." - Rockbadger.


If you feel that I've missed something,  as I said, feel free to post below.

If your comment is honest and enlightening, I will quote you and post that quote into this Blog, because, well, I haven’t experienced all the frames, all the weapons, so you guys might know some of the aspects better than me.

Big thanks to:





Oh, and when this blog is gonna ,,fade away", I'll probably Copy-Paste all the text and post it again (after a period of time, that is. I won't be spamming the Wiki.)


EDIT 1: Added Dual Kamas and Dual Heat Swords to the list.


EDIT 2: Added Saryn and Tetra to the list.


EDIT 3: Added Raftr0's MK1_Braton and Excalibur thoughts to the list.


EDIT 4: Polished the Blog to look more appealing; added the ,,Quote Rule” and the ,,Big Thanks” list. Also added Cytro’s  comment to the Braton section.

EDIT 5: You got your place in this blog, Rockbadger. Surprise surprise.

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