So, I know a while back PyroxPL made a blog asking people what he thought were the best weapons in the game. What I am about to ask is something similar to that.

So, A lot has happened since Pyrox's blog. Damage 2,0 has happened and several weapons function and "feel" a lot different than before *cough cough* flux rifle *cough cough*. So, I will ask of my fellow tenno, what are your favorite weapons? I'm not asking what you guys think are the most useful weapons, but rather what weapons "feel" the best to you, and what weapons do you find yourself going back to time after time again.

All weapons are totally valid. You like the Mk1 Braton? Put it down. Hell, if you have 4x polarized the Sicarus go ahead and say why. I think it'd be nice for all of us to see what we personally prefer and why.

Also, as this is purely opinion based please be courteous in the comments. This isn't about the best, this is about what you like and why.

EDIT!: I just had an epiphany. Please include warframes as well, since often times our choice of weapons complements our frames.

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