• Nyb2725

    A New Kind of Melee Build

    January 7, 2017 by Nyb2725

    Ever since the Shadow Debt event, there is no doubt that melee has jumped from being arguably the worst way of dealing damage with weapons to being one of the best. In the few months after that event, multiple new builds have sprung up for melee weapons that make them some of the highest scaling weapons in the game. Recently, one specific build that differs greatly from the norm (it uses no elemental mods) has sprung up that makes one very specific type of weapon extremely powerful.

    Here's the build on the Atterax. Disclaimer: the build is VERY expensive.

    Now, at face value, this build seems trash. There's essentially only one damage mod in it. However, all that means is that the upfront damage is very small. The genera…

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