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  • I live in That one place somewhere over there.
  • I was born on April 24
  • My occupation is Soldier on the planet Auraxis
  • I am the Engineer of something-or-other
  • Oscar5322

    I use Frost when I can, due to his tanky crowd control greatness. But, his first ability, Freeze, sucks! So, what could be done to make it better? Here are a few ideas:

    1. Make Freeze instantaneous, like Smite

    2. Have Freeze leave a trail of ice that either

    a. Slows enemeis on contact (Similar to the void)


    b. Causes enemies to slip and fall (Ragdolls them)

    I want your idea/comment/thoughts on this, and I also want to hear what other abilties suck and how they can be improved.

    EDIT: Mabye have freeze contibute a portion of health/time to snow globe based on the damage freeze does? I know it would be great if I could extend the timer on snowglobe and repair it a bit, and if freeze was one way to do it. . . just a thought.

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  • Oscar5322

    After fighting Zanuka with Alad V, I began to think, what if Zanuka was DE's way of testing the programming of more advanced Sentinels/Pets? Lets face it, Zanuka is pretty agile and moves around quite alot, so it would make sense if the Tenno had companions that were similar, right? Post your ideas and thoughts, and let me know if you find any information regarding this as true/false. 

    Feel free to add comments about what kind of Sentinels/Pets you would like to see in future updates as well!

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