aka Pelia

  • I live in any place but home.
  • I was born on December 24
  • My occupation is seeker of knowledge and enlightenment.
  • I am *coughs* There, I said it.
  • Pelia

    Boo to all of you wikians.

    While much of the local community may not be aware of it, some invididuals may consider me rather intolerable. Now, I am not here to tell you how wrong they may be. That would be hypocritic of me. They are absolutely right.

    Now, what happened to me? Objectively put, there is a person who was being very, very nice to me. And that is all. Someone was being nice to me. I took it for granted to such an extent I have degraded into nothing more than a child. All my anxiety, abrasiveness, rage, at times, even, was caused by this such thing. I have mistaken every single thing around me as one of hostility and scheming. I became a person combining superiority complex with paranoia. To shorten things, I was ashamingly jealou…

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  • Pelia

    Oh, yes, that IS a Rhino standing next to this text! There is a good reason for that, too. This guide is about modding Rhino for large amounts of armour! Useless, you say? Noobish, you say? Rhino isn't god-tier, you say? Well, I'd like to tell you that if you comment on these matters further, it will not make you look intelligent. Flame is flame. I'm merely putting things out there, think as you like, think as you write.

    Overview: Obviously Potato, no , get strength, efficiency more or less optional, range's not important enough to get buffed, but you could use some duration (not too much, or you'll charge to no end). The pic has 0 points left, if you want to rank up or anything, use Rhino Prime (yes, it's just Rhino on the pic) or use .

    Mod Rundown…

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  • Pelia

    Why, yes! I did watch Equilibrium! Once. Was enough. Story is quite overplayed. And I happen to encounter people ruled by medication often enough in real life. Still, nice combat.

    I am quite certain Mesa is widely known, though, frankly, I see her in endless missions, standing a hole into the tile as she aimbots for hours, quite more often than how I tend to play her. Very rarely do I hear a tra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra of the Shooting Gallery that doesn't spam my speakers since it otherwise ends sooner than three seconds after it got to me. Unless I play as Mesa. If someone ever wants me to defend with Mesa, I'll grant you a hearthy "Bollocks." and disconnect. I frown upon Mesa being played like Greedy Pull Mag. Yes, even though you just hold a m…

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  • Pelia

    It has been well over three months ever since I've started actively contributing to the Warframe Wikia. I've had an account for longer, but I wasn't really into doing much around here, I just read stuff. I started out getting voice lines in the games and making quotes with the recordings in various pages (most of Hexis, Teshin's and Simaris' quotes come from me), and then I added a dribble here and there, where it was missing. After I learned guide writers are needed, I took that up and made several of them. I counted, I still made the most of them! Though I notice other authors are coming up, which is good! I don't see anything here that could be made into a competition.

    Either way, the main purpose of this blog. Three months is about of a t…

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  • Pelia

    Oberon is one of the more neglected, underestimated Warframes. It is to be expected. The Warframe's capability does not lie in simple pressing of a number 4 button. You have to use all his abilities instead in a thoughtful fashion. In this guide, I will show you how to play Oberon as the most versatile Warframe you can get.

    It can defend, it can engage, it can support, it can solo. It does anything you need. You just have to do it right.

    Overview: Potato, no . I usually tell you of what stats to focus on, but I won't. To achieve the purpose this build upholds, it's very tight on modding. You have to read on regardless of your experience.

    Mod Rundown:This is my usual variant, additional ones are later on:

    Aura - Optional, as long as you match polari…

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