On a side note: I have a few guides stacked up in my namespace that I will progressively put on the blog posts. I'm not doing it at one time because it pushes people out the Recent feed. Another Trin guide is already sitting there if you want to take a look. But don't comment on it here.

Trinity is the most supportive frame you can find in Warframe. While it can also be used as a tank, the game's aggro mechanics are hardly predictable and

influentiable, preventing the true point of tanking as a team role. I can think of two builds for Trinity, and this guide concerns the Energy Vampire build, or EV, current as of Update 16.1.

This build is one of the most valued in the game, since most players rely on shields for defence rather than health and they are adept at keeping enemies from depleting them. As long as they have energy. But even with all the power efficiency they can acquire, press-4-to-win drains energy very well. In fact, it can happen so with any ability if used extensively. There are also Leech Eximii around. This is where an EV Trinity comes in.

How Do I Mod?


Mod setup of the Warframe with stats included. Click to enlarge.

Overview: Definitely use a potato. You might need a Forma. It depends on the variant. You'll understand once you keep reading. Maximum range, a lot of strength, efficiency is not as important, but don't go negative under any circumstances. Duration is actually somewhat undesirable. You can go to the next heading if you know how to do it yourself.

Mod Rundown: Aura - If you want to sacrifice Forma, polarize for Energy Siphon. Otherwise, Physique or Rejuvenation will do.

Overextended + Stretch - You can have both maxed. Keep in mind though you cannot downrank mods and OE mostly isn't good maxed elsewhere. Also, you need strength too and OE takes it. I prefer Rank 3.

Intensify + Transient Fortitude - Maxed if possible.

Fleeting Expertise - No, not Streamline. And max it if you have two of those.

Redirection - "But Trinity can heal, why shields?" Oh, so you want to spend all your time and energy casting Blessing on yourself on high-level missions? Good luck to you.

Last slots have multiple options:

Blind Rage - To further your strength, keep the EFF positive. Might make you use Forma.

Streamline - Either to complement Blind Rage (FE alone is good enough for that, actually) or when you don't believe in EV yourself (why would you want this build then, if I may ask?).

Vampire Leech augment - In case teammates slack off casting powers. No other augments viable.

(Primed) Flow - Your EV will restore a lot of energy. You might as well stock up on it since you might have a lot of Blessings on your hands one time. Primed Flow might need a Forma.

Vitality - If you're such a whim, why not.

Quick Thinking - Grants increased survivability. It does drain energy, but with this build, you keep getting it back. Can be useful, but you might need a Forma when employing it. It also makes Redirection redundant.

You can use any combination of these mods. My personal favourite is Vampire Leech and Blind Rage.

How Does This Build Work?

The centerpiece of this build, Energy Vampire, renders a target stunned and has him radiate energy in several waves before letting him go. If he is killed before that, he releases the remainder of due energy at once. Most players just make use of that since they want their energy now.

If you followed this guide, you may notice a dreadfully low power duration on your frame. That's intentional. Now, your teammates don't need to wait for energy even without killing your target. It's fire-and-forget.

How? The mechanics of the ability spread the waves evenly among the duration. If you shorten it, the waves come out in a rapid succession without affecting the amount you receive.

"But what about other abilities? Aren't they useless?" Well, mate, Link is for another build, Well of Life has little use with a proper build regardless, and Blessing is nearly always useful.

If, by chance, you equip the Vampire Leech mod, it only replenishes shields when the energy of the player is full. Combining it with Flow may seemingly further away the time your shields get recharged, but the high strength negates this in a jiffy.

How Do I Play With This Build?

Stick to your squad and keep an eye out for any enemy. Unless he's very, very far away, cast EV on him and move on. The FaF property allows you to focus your fire on enemies that need your attention. You could EV them instead, true, but waiting to cast before finding a high threat hinders your potential and your teammates tend to rely on you to deliver a steady stream.

Link is near useless, unless you expect a tough hit coming and you cast Link at the right time. Given how much energy Link costs, though, it's not worth it much and you shouldn't rely on Link with this build.

Blessing is still quite useful if you see your teammates are scratched or going down. The high strength takes their stats to 100% any time. The damage resistance part, on the other hand, is insignificant in this build.

Weapons used? Any you like! It doesn't matter, but if you run Trinity more often, you might run into the problem of this Trinity not being as tanky as you might be used to. So melee with caution.


If you followed this guide and learned to handle Trinity a bit, your team will be able to spam their abilities for as long as the enemy keeps coming. Unless your teammates kill them faster than you can target them. Then, good luck to them.

My sincere thanks for reading this! Hopefully, this guide helped you help your team. If you have any particular variant of this build you would like to adress or specific approaches to execution in practice, feel free to take the time to enrich the comment section. However, DO NOT comment about Link or Blessing builds. I am planning another guide covering those abilities where you can discuss this however you like. But not here.

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