Why, yes! I did watch Equilibrium! Once. Was enough. Story is quite overplayed. And I happen to encounter people ruled by medication often enough in real life. Still, nice combat.

I am quite certain Mesa is widely known, though, frankly, I see her in endless missions, standing a hole into the tile as she aimbots for hours, quite more often than how I tend to play her. Very rarely do I hear a tra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra of the Shooting Gallery that doesn't spam my speakers since it otherwise ends sooner than three seconds after it got to me. Unless I play as Mesa. If someone ever wants me to defend with Mesa, I'll grant you a hearthy "Bollocks." and disconnect. I frown upon Mesa being played like Greedy Pull Mag. Yes, even though you just hold a mouse button. The true reason is, Mesa's abilities are all useful (Mag's just two)!

How Do I Mod?

Overview: Use a OrokinReactor64Potato. Get quite a duration, some strength, efficiency, range is not a priority. And believe it or not, I used a Forma2 Forma! Specifically, added a Madurai Pol. It's not essential, but more on that later.

Also! The picture with my mod loadout? It has 0 mod points left.


The Mod setup. Click to make big.

Rundown: Aura - Doesn't matter, Steel Charge helps when ranking up to equip faster, but on Rank 30, I don't find a need for it. Then again, my mods aren't all max. But then again again, melee aura on a gun frame?

FE + Streamline - Streamline max, FE Rank 3 in this variant, duration, remember?

Vitality - Max.

Staggering Shield - Maximuuum. Aaahmah.

Transient Fortitude - Max. I don't have max, but it would fit.

Narrow Minded - I have Rank 8. I wouldn't risk more. Range does matter a little. Also, mod points.

(Primed) Continuity - If you have P, go for it, it will help a great deal. Might have mod points trouble if you go max.

Last slot? Whatever you want. But, remember, mod points trouble.

How Does the Build Work?


Stats of frame and abilities. Peacemaker excluded because reasons.

So, we have a lot of Health, don't we? That is good. I prefer it to Shield in this case, since Mesa's "no melee" bonus fits nicely into it and Mesa has more base Health than Shield. It is also fitting then I use Stagger Shield (augmented Shatter Shield). Maximuuum. Aaahmah.

The base Stagger Shield damage resistance is 80%. The buffed strength takes it to 95% (that is the maximum this ability can give). In addition, each bullet you reflect flips a coin. If heads, the enemy that gets hit by it is staggered. The greatest advantage of that being that the enemy stops shooting for a while. This gives you more time to live.

The buffed strength also benefits Shooting Gallery. The range is nerfed, which is bad, but you still have Stagger Shield, also, it still works wonders in close range if you don't take NM sky high.

Piecemaker... *sighs* Don't get me started. Yes, I use it too, but... Not constantly. I want to play the game, you know? But I admit it, when I do use it, it kills.

My favourite ability, the Ballistic Battery! It has a quite interesting mechanic to it. First off, strength boosted the capacity, which is further affectable by crits/body part multipliers of the shot it applies to. Secondly, it's extremely cheap! However, there are things to keep in mind.

For example, BB tends to be sensitive as to what weapon you use to charge it. There is a fixed maximum amount each hit can add to the Battery. So, take two weapons with the same DPS. A sniper, and an SMG. Both weapons deal same damage in a given timeframe. Yet SMG charges the Battery faster! There are other sources for charging that don't seem to have a problem, but just defer to the ability page for that.

While most of the damage of the shot from the sniper doesn't go in the battery, the hoard of shots from the SMG pours in well. It's like what Immortals used to be. I prefer Viper, or Telos Akbolto, because they can also heal with radial proc (yes, it does sustain my well being). If you want a more direct heal, use Furis. Why secondaries? Because Mesa likes them. But if you need a primary, Clemmie would be my choice. Yes, you can place a shot with it. Scroll the mousewheel.

How Do I Play With This Build?

Take your gun and shoot people (or monsters)! It is nearly that simple, except that Mesa makes it fun. I use the BB always, charge it with rapid-fire, and then unleash it on a tougher target, or maybe an enemy that is attempting to capture a tower. I use Shooting Gallery when I feel like it, I do not have a particular pattern on its usage, I just have fun with it.

Now, Stagger Shield is fun, but I don't keep it up permanently, I am not a Rhino/Mirage/Chroma. I use it whenever I run out of shields, or when I think I will. It is also nice to use it when a group that is shooting you has a melee squadmate looming towards them, and you allow him a couple of finishers. And of course, there is the thing of... Maximuuum. Aaahmah.

The ultimate... Use it when you're in a pinch. I will not say more.

Advanced Building

Sooo... You don't have Forma2 Forma? No problem. Just vacate the last slot and you are set.

Concerning "mod point trouble", you can counteract this with Steel Charge and/or extra Forma2 Forma.

I know of an alternative variant that I tried: Do Transient Fortitude -> Rank 7 Blind Rage and max FE. This gives you even more strength, 5% extra duration, but cuts down 20% efficiency. I don't feel in need of the additional strength and I care about efficiency, so personally I do not use this anymore.


Okay! So that's over with.

"You use Rifle Amp when you don't use a primary weapon?"

It's for the other teammates who do. Besides, I don't really think any other aura could fit better.

"You dislike Peacemaker when you have max efficiency! Liar!"

Mesa has other abilities too. I don't like going dry. Could you just let me finish?

"But... reasons!"

Butt yourself.

I understand you might have expected duration and range build, but this is my guide! And I am not concerned about range myself.

Either way, if you have something to say in the comment section below, be my guest! It was nice of you to read the guide, even if you just skimmed it (do not try and make discussions with me when you just skimmed it, I tend to notice). I hope you might make more intelligent use of Mesa now, and that I may one day hear a full palette of Mesa's power triggers that are not coming from me. And remember... Maximuuum. Aaahmah.