It has been well over three months ever since I've started actively contributing to the Warframe Wikia. I've had an account for longer, but I wasn't really into doing much around here, I just read stuff. I started out getting voice lines in the games and making quotes with the recordings in various pages (most of Hexis, Teshin's and Simaris' quotes come from me), and then I added a dribble here and there, where it was missing. After I learned guide writers are needed, I took that up and made several of them. I counted, I still made the most of them! Though I notice other authors are coming up, which is good! I don't see anything here that could be made into a competition.

Either way, the main purpose of this blog. Three months is about of a timeframe when you manage to get a overview of a community you've newly started moving about. For me, editing on the Wikia is not just about adding new stuff on it, or fixing what is outdated or false. It's also about the people around it, who also want to make it an informative, or just fun place on the Internet to hang out on. It's as much of a social hub as Warframe itself is. I've gathered some experience, some observations, and I would like to share them with you.

The administrators are active, helpful, reasonable. I've never known of any case of harassment on their part, or any kind of abuse of their user privileges. And I've even dipped into the past a little bit. Most of them are considerate, they think before they act, and if thinking doesn't suffice, they consult their comrades. Maybe you spotted the "most of them". Sadly, that's on purpose. But I'm not pointing and calling names and the important thing is that an admin/moderator is not the ultimate, singular ruler. There are always others you can look up to for help.

The userbase in general, I've practically divided in two, in my view: Those who are logged in and those who aren't. Any given user has his distinct personality, avatar, nick, his specific area where he wants to help out on the Wikia.

Their account is basically their face: Something you can address, something you can praise, something you can discuss things with, something you can befriend. You can co-operate with them, ask for help and so on...

Then, we have the "Lone Tenno". A mysterious, grey, faceless blob featuring grand schizophrenia that induces effects ranging from blind criticism and blatant lack of common sense to constructive argumenting and glimmers of brilliance. I've had instances when a person tried to argue against content that I have published here, with arguments that are substantially unsupported, which they are mostly well aware of, hence their stay within the great collective Lone Tenno hivemind. Quite most of the "Lone Tenno" comments are composed in this fashion, which has me approach any statement that is uttered by said hivemind highly sceptically and I tend to disregard them. I do assume good faith, mostly. But you also need to take ever-present human simplicity into account.

Now, I've also been actively watching the blog feed lately, and I did notice an increase of blogs that are deleted as they do not comply with the blog policy. I've also spotted some blogs that, while compliant to the policy, do not offer any kind of actual quality to readers, as they either limit themselves to instigating opinion riots and flame wars (to clarify, it wasn't that "recent", but it was a repeated occurrence), or they served solely as a "Hello, World" kind of statement, which is not damnable, since introduction is a part of any public performance, however, to craft a performance solely consisting of that introduction is superfluous in my eyes.

Another type of blogs I am concerned about somewhat is blogs that do nothing much else but asking for your opinion. A very recent one about colors just came up. Or another blog, where the user complained about having a bug and wanted to hear about other experiences people had. To clarify, I do not count demographic polls by Twilight in this category, since they are at least lengthy, and prevent most of comment section flooding by utilizing poll input. Concerning the others, I wouldn't want them gone, I mean, it's just someone asking for external input. But the format it is being presented in does not belong into blogs. It belongs in forum boards. Here, or on WF Forums.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not directing this piece of critics only towards the authors of the posts. I cannot just blame them. I've done a similar thing before myself! I publish guides in a space for blogs. The difference is, there is an actual place on this site where they can direct this notion right now. A proper place for guides is still being discussed over. I've nowhere else to go right now. I can't use my userspace because it doesn't have comments. So, all in all, this concern is rather a thing of patience, and is being worked on. But seriously, try to post the "Whaddya think?" stuff in forums somewhere. You'd make me happy!

Lastly (I think), I am naturally healthily paranoid, and I recall spouting critically upon Unnar's blogs. I still stand behind what I said there. I'm really not exactly compatible with what he says. But it's a subjective issue, and objectively put, his blogs are the bloggiest blogs in the blog section of this website (next to this one). They're exactly what a blog should be, by format. Everything else either downright doesn't belong here, or it is here because we are made do. I'd say it is all a matter of an increasing variety of content you gentlemen (and ladies) put out here, and we are running out of drawers to sort them out.

Lastly (I thought I'd do this), I absolutely cannot say this site is corrupted in any way by simplicity and/or malice. If such a thing occurs, the rest of the community mops it up. I mean, I've even made friends here! Ones that don't seem like they would turn insane should they remain exposed to my nature for prolonged periods of time. I've come to hold grudges to some others, too, but that just makes life more interesting.

Therefore, I do believe I owe you a token of gratitude, in saying that I tend to be rather content contributing to the Wikia, as well as observing any additions and amendments performed by my fellows. It is truly an interesting experience in working with a team that doesn't exist, contributing to a database that is not a database, and getting along with people who you don't exactly talk to.

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