Oberon is one of the more neglected, underestimated Warframes. It is to be expected. The Warframe's capability does not lie in simple pressing of a number 4 button. You have to use all his abilities instead in a thoughtful fashion. In this guide, I will show you how to play Oberon as the most versatile Warframe you can get.

It can defend, it can engage, it can support, it can solo. It does anything you need. You just have to do it right.

How Do I Mod?

Overview: OrokinReactor64Potato, no Forma2 Forma. I usually tell you of what stats to focus on, but I won't. To achieve the purpose this build upholds, it's very tight on modding. You have to read on regardless of your experience.


Mods of the build. Click to enlarge.

Mod Rundown:This is my usual variant, additional ones are later on:

Aura - Optional, as long as you match polarity.

Vitality - Higher health reserve helps in conjunction with Rage, alone, it gives you time to react.

Primed Continuity - Yes, you need a Prime. At least Rank 7 too. If you don't have it, I'll get to that.

Fleeting Expertise + Streamline - Don't rank FE to negative resulting duration. Streamline, of course, maxed.

Blind Rage + Intensify - Don't rank BR over FE. Intensify maxed.

Rage - Trinity can fuel her healing and everything from EV. Oberon has to bleed a little bit first.

Smite Infusion - Don't replace with other augments. You want this specific one.

How Does The Build Work?


Stats of the Warframe and abilities of the build from the picture above.

You might have noticed that while most stats are kept in relative balance, slightly positive, there's a lot of strength there. Oberon can use it very broadly actually, and not just for damage.

The augment, also, is very significant. An ability that is usually purely offensive is suddenly usable for support of your teammates, and it has quite an impact. Or rather, it buffs your mates' damage with Radiation b Radiation. In case of the presented variant, it has them deal near-triple damage. The balanced duration makes sure it's long enough, over 40 seconds. Simply cast Smite on your teammates. It also makes the projectiles come out of them too. Which are in greater numbers thanks to the high strength. The offensive aspect alone is usable up to mid-level.

Hallowed Ground can deal consistent damage. But you can use it to resist a heavy ground slam. Or you can lay it below a laser trapped door so that your teammates may pass freely. It also erases procs on players and makes them immune to them and gives them a bit of armor. All that for standing on Hallowed Ground.

Renewal is disadvantegous against Trin in that it is far from instant, especially if you're far from your mates. But upon full heal, it removes procs, and it slows bleedout. Might sound useless, but it's far from that.

Your ultimate deals solid damage, works even in some high-level scenarios. Even if it doesn't kill, it guarantees a Radiation b proc and knocks down. If it does kill, you may get to heal a little bit.

How Do I Play This Build?

Proper playstyle of the build in this guide is among the foremost of reasons why people do not want to play Oberon whatsoever. For example, I see an idea coming on putting in Flow somehow to accomodate the influx of energy from Rage + high health cap. No. Because if you somehow fill up the capacity you have and overflow it still, you're playing Oberon wrong.

The thing is, there is always something Oberon can do to contribute to his team, or himself, even if things get boring. For example, on interception, at times where enemy spawns are merely on the way, you can set up traps for them to die on with HG, stack it twice of thrice. You may use Smite Infusion on your teammates to refresh their "triple" damage timers. You can send Renewal, just like that, because the spawns may come meanwhile and the heal may come in handy once it arrives.

If I were to describe every single scenario where Oberon can do something nice, this wouldn't be a guide, but a novel. You have to keep your mind open, and if you do, you can temporarily replace many Warframes' role. Damage, Crowd Control, buffs, healing, dispelling debuffs... It is the Oberon's charm, but also a burden. You have to consistently use all your abilities in a creative, thoughtful manner. I consider it a challenge and a colorful, variable gameplay experience that has you respond adequately to every shift on the battlefield. But it can be very tiring, and many players wouldn't even dare to do so for that reason.

Advanced Building

Now, I mentioned before that if you don't have Continuity P, there is something to do. Well, you have to do Stretch -> Constitution and Continuity P -> Continuity. Have both at a total effect equal or greater to Rank 7 Continuity P, then follow the instructions in the rundown and rank accordingly. If you have a lesser duration bonus, you can try it, but the build won't work out as well. Sorry.

Another thing could be that you might want a bit more power strength? Well, if you want to rank up Blind Rage, think about the efficiency, you'll have to rank FE, but then you have to rank Continuity P higher as well. If you max all of them, you get extra strength, even 5% more efficiency, but 5% less duration. If you actually have maxed mods, go for it. If you want to sacrifice range (I'd personally refrain from that), do Stretch -> Intensify. Though, a completely maxed build like that (including Vitality) will require Forma, or Steel Charge. You could also do Rage -> Intensify instead. But unless you have EV Trinity/Energy Restores around, you'll have a hard time. I tried and it wasn't worth it without them.


So! In conclusion... If you put Oberon next to Nova, she will crush him damage-wise. If with Loki, he will excel with crowd control. Trinity can heal better too. So why use Oberon? Well, sometimes, you might need something where everything comes in one package, a bit of everything. You have to learn using it, too, and it will take time. Frankly, not even Loki is so hard to adapt to. You spam invisibility and go, in the worst case. With Oberon, you have to keep your eyes open, your feet on the ground and head below the clouds at all times if you want to pull off a high-level mission. But I assure you, it's well possible.

Thanks for reading this guide! I assume there might be a larger than regular amount of critical comments, but I'm ready to respond to any questions you may have. However, if you feel like having a suggestion on how to improve the build, your own version of Oberon, or maybe you just want to show some appreciation, the comment section is for you as well!

On an off note, I'd like to know if there's a particular Warframe you'd like me to look into. While I have an idea on any frame on how to mod it and play it, I seem to have fewer and fewer frames that I often play and haven't made a guide on yet. You could suggest a weapon as well, though, to be frank, I don't think covering one weapon needs much more than a WFB link and you might be better off checking out the weapon's page here on Wikia. Unless it's about Melee Weapons, for which case I have developed a guide as one of my first.