You might be wondering, am I ever going to stop popping on the Recent blog feed whenever I slide off? Well, the thing is, I make guides regularly, and posting them as I make them would spam the feed with just my blogs. I give people space. I have two more stacked up after this one, though I'll be slacking off due to exams coming.

Cristimirt has his link tooltips finished, so I went ahead and used it on the mod names! Just mouseover and look.

Trinity is one of the most supportive Warframes in Warframe. However, her abilities do not necessarily have to be used for the good of the team. The second guide on Trinity that I introduce is concerning the Link build, the purpose of which is to vastly increase your durability, making Trinity suitable as a soloist, possibly melee Warframe.

How Do I Mod?


The mods equipped, click to enlarge.

Overview: Use a potato. Basic setup doesn't need Forma if you got Aura with matching polarity (more on that later). Get some efficiency, strength. Then you either go for more duration as melee build, or focus on more range. That's up to you.

Mod Rundown:
Melee variant first: Stretch - More range.
(Primed) Continuity - More duration.
Narrow Minded: Rank 7 enough. I have 8, so I just have to deal with slightly negative range.
Quick Thinking - QT is particularly helpful to make the absolute most out of Trinity's Blessing effect.
Intensify - A little bit more strength.
Flow + Streamline - Because I like Streamline. Flow is to let you stock up on energy, good for QT.
Vitality - Health mod gives more hitpoints than shield mod on same rank. It results in extra effective HP.

Now changes to the ranged build:
Narrow Minded -> Overextended - Removing NM alone boosts range a lot. Overextended can take it farther, but your Energy Vamp suffers from lower strength. You may then want to use another mod, in which case shove Vitality in the polarized slot and...

Do anything with the last slot you want! Add Rage to ascertain an energy reserve for a Blessing, Redirection for even more durability, Abating Link to kill Grineer easier, or whatever else you can think of.

I haven't mentioned Primed Flow earlier, you can use it, but the added drain may cause you to need a Forma. Or, when removing NM, you can just leave a slot empty and use the additional capacity to accomodate Primed Flow. If you don't have P Continuity, but you have P Flow, then this issue is out of question.

How Does This Build Work?


Stats of the frame and abilities with the setup from above picture. Well of Life excluded due to uselessness.

Link is an ability that gives you a flat reduction to damage received that applies to both shields and health. It also grants immunity to knockdowns and staggers like Rollers, Gunner ground slams and door lasers. All this, however, is active only when an enemy is present in your radius. On top of that, the reduced damage is dealt to the enemies you are linked to. The multiplier cannot be affected and stays at 75% reduction.

Blessing's damage resistance is constant over its duration, but its magnitude depends on how much health you and your teammates have at the moment of cast. Basically, the game looks at the percentage of health missing on each individual player and takes the highest amount as the damage resistance. If you are unharmed, but your mate is at 5% health, Blessing will give both of you a 95% resistance.

Energy Vampire is still very useful, but it does need to be kindled differently to remain comparably efficient to the EV build due to massively increased duration that is undesirable for the ability.

Well of Life lacks use in this build, I can only picture it as an occasional single-target stunlock.

How Do I Play With This Build?

Keep Link running and kill everyone you meet by meleeing them or shooting them, the prevalent killing method depends on your modding variant. To replenish energy, cast EV on someone, but make sure to immediately kill him so that you quickly get the required energy.

For Blessing to be any better than Link, you or one of your teammates need to be at 25% health or lower. Keeping an eye on squad's health meters is a way of achieving that, but Blessing has a casting time, this can sometimes cause you to cast too late and the teammate dies before the heal and resistance is applied. This is why you have QT. Keep your energy reserve reasonably high, when enemies start shooting you, your energy starts depleting after you hit 2 health points or so. That is the time for you to cast Blessing, granting you near-invulnerability.

Other than that, you just tag along and kill everyone with any weapons you want. A friend of mine took particular liking in using Jat Kittag in conjunction with the tanky Trinity.

Now, an important note for you: This build is not only good for tanking and soloing, but serves as a worthy replacement of a Blessing build! Blessing build usually revolves around maximum efficiency and Natural Talent to allow for Blessing spam.

The thing is, if you pull off a Blessing on near-zero health, all of the teammates are nearly invulnerable. This negates the need of Blessing spam. Also, if you do need Blessing spam regardless of what build you have, you might want to look into what kind of equipment and gameplay your teammates employ and you might want to resort to simpler missions.


So! This is how you can use a support Warframe to become quite as tanky as a Rhino with much lesser reliance on energy loot and restores. I hope you found the guide useful, if you like, feel free to enrich the comment section with your feedback or suggestions on your particular execution and modding of a tanking build.

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