Boo to all of you wikians.

While much of the local community may not be aware of it, some invididuals may consider me rather intolerable. Now, I am not here to tell you how wrong they may be. That would be hypocritic of me. They are absolutely right.

Now, what happened to me? Objectively put, there is a person who was being very, very nice to me. And that is all. Someone was being nice to me. I took it for granted to such an extent I have degraded into nothing more than a child. All my anxiety, abrasiveness, rage, at times, even, was caused by this such thing. I have mistaken every single thing around me as one of hostility and scheming. I became a person combining superiority complex with paranoia. To shorten things, I was ashamingly jealous.

Therefore, I would like to announce one thing: I have been behaving as a colossal idiot and I have grown aware of it, and I want to extend a cordial apology, begging the indulgence of certain users here on the Wikia that happened to stumble upon my insolent self.

I was being childish, pretentious, anxious, jealous, malicious and generally hostile. And it shall not occur again. For one simple reason that the title might have hinted you. I do not blame anyone for treating me as they have, I do not blame Briz for taking away my mod rights (it was done for a legitimate reason anyway), for they have acted as I would have.

I am no longer contributing to this site. Comments to this blog will remain unresponded (at least by me). I might be watching, but do not particularly rely on it.

I'm sorry, Briz. I'm sorry, Twi. I'm sorry to you as well, SouLz. Raenin, you certainly deserve an apology more than most. Though frankly, who I really wronged the most is Engie. I intented to make this whole blog a one huge apology to her, and I sincerely hope I would, if nothing else, make things not worse then they are, for I wish to leave this site behind with light spirit.

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