• Pngo

    Ideas for new weapon mods.

    October 3, 2013 by Pngo

    Most of the weapons can get pretty boring since they become extremely repetitive especially against higher leveled mobs. To slightly battle this repetitive aspect, more weapon mods that grant abilities (like the thunderbolt mod) would be a nice touch. Here are some of my ideas:


    Gravity Strike - Every third attack, you have a chance to knock up the enemy or enemies (depending on weapon) for 2 seconds. While airbourne, enemies resistance/armor are lowered by a percentage.

    Hammer? (cant think of a name) - You're attacks have a chance to do more damage and knockback enemies. Knockbacked enemies will knockdown and damage enemies that they comes in contact with. If knockbacked enemies die against a wall or object, they are pinned there.


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