• Poleman992

    Prime Tech

    July 7, 2014 by Poleman992

    Prime Technology I've been using the wiki for quite a bit now, and I decided to make a blog post for the first time. Cut me some slack on this please. Anyways, lore is always a big part of what I am interested about in video games, and quite frankly the one in Warframe is horrid and broken. This makes everyone fight about what weapons, frames, and warframes can be primed. In this blog I'll try to cover what I believe can be primed, and what can't.No one can say anything for sure in this game due to the broken lore in this game. This is what I BEILIEVE and SPECULATE, almost everything I say will be my opinion.


    This is in order to clear up what is 'prime' and what isn't, according to the wiki. This is what the prime page on the wiki (htt…

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