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I've been using the wiki for quite a bit now, and I decided to make a blog post for the first time. Cut me some slack on this please. Anyways, lore is always a big part of what I am interested about in video games, and quite frankly the one in Warframe is horrid and broken. This makes everyone fight about what weapons, frames, and warframes can be primed. In this blog I'll try to cover what I believe can be primed, and what can't.No one can say anything for sure in this game due to the broken lore in this game. This is what I BEILIEVE and SPECULATE, almost everything I say will be my opinion.


This is in order to clear up what is 'prime' and what isn't, according to the wiki. This is what the prime page on the wiki ( says:

The term Prime refers to any weapon or warframe, or sentinel made with Orokin technology. The weapons and warframes the Tenno use are based on the Orokin's designs, but are not actually Orokin tech. Prime versions of items are actual pieces of Orokin technology[1], and frequently sport improved damage, more Polarity slots, or other stat changes that grant them an advantage over their non-Prime derivatives. According to the developers, any warframes are eligible to be primed, regardless whether or not they came from the Orokin era[2].

So no, these weapons DO NOT have to be made in the period of the Orokin to be prime.

Some Tenno weapons MIGHT NOT be elligible

What? Am I stupid? Haven't all the weapons that have been released based on Tenno designs? Yes. But this section isn't about that. As the game expands, there is going to be new weaponry. These weapons are reported to be Tenno reinforcements. Such weapons may have been newly developed by this shady 'Tenno High Council' that also researched and developed Nova. Some of the newer weapons in this game may not be elligible to have a prime variant. I personally don't believe that the Magnus should be for priming- the vasto should be a prime revolver alone. 

SOMA PRIME? NEVER. The Soma is already an excellent rifle. No need to make this weapon that can mow down entire armies in half a second any stronger. Really. Soma prime will never come out. Honestly. Stop crying. Please. I see you scrolling down to tell me that I am wrong in the comments. Don't try to hide it.


I really have been careless with my thoughts, and well...this is probably one of my worst mistakes. Rethinking this after viewing comments, Soma prime actually has a good chance of being prime, most likely following the pattern of the buffs of most prime warframes- which is extra polarities(though the 2 r's it already has seems like enough). Go cheer about how happy you are now in the comments.

Grineer/Corpus weaponry COULD be primed.

Though prime weapons have been based so far on Tenno weaponry, there is definitive rule that corpus/grineer weaponry will never be primed. Due to the existence of Lephantis, we know for a fact that the grineer and corpus existed, as the Lotus indirectly states that the Orokin created it. Since Lephantis has a corpus and grineer head, it is safe to assume that the grineer and corpus existed during the Orokin era. So, the Orokin could have become desperate and primed the older grineer/corpus weapons if they wanted to. I mean come on, they created Lephantis for crying out loud! Plus, if the dual cleavers got prime maybe players would actually find out that it existed. You never know...

Stalker weapons PROBABLY WON'T be primed.

The origin of the Stalker is of course, very shady so we don't know anything for sure about him. However, the Stalker decided to conveniently write a short and friendly entry in the codex for us, which shows us that he DID exist during the time of the Orokin, by stating that he watched us Tenno slaughter all the Orokin in front of his very eyes. His weapons are not gold-coated prime style, so this suggests that his weapons (Dread, Despair, Hate) are custom crafted from the standard Paris, Kunai, and Kama respectively, so were most likely not derived from any prime variants. That definitely does not mean his its weapons do not utilize prime tech, and they actually probably do. Besides, I think the Stalker's weapons are already powerful as is.

Research weapons...probably not.

As research weapons are not common tenno knowledge, due to the fact that you have to research them, the Orokin probably never possessed these weapons. So regardless of faction, the odds of any research weapon at all being primed is very low, if even existent at all. After all, these weapons were in the process of development and had to manaully designed by the tenno in order to create functioning, non-self-destructing weapons. I'm sorry, no dual ichors prime. I know. I'm crying too (not really). But I though that would make you feel better 


Many people are arguing that there can't be Zephyr/Valkyr/Nova prime because they are recent developments. There's also those arguments about how no frames after Booben will be primed. Personally, I believe that he is not a marker at prime warframes, and that I can say there is no reason why the prime frames should stop at him. Now, on to a sentence that may possibly topple, crash, and destroy EVERYTHING I have said in this blog. Zephyr, Valkyr, and Nova DO HAVE A CHANCE A BEING PRIME. But that wasn't the sentence. This is it: As Tenno R&D progress, who says we can't eventually be able to understand the Orokin's tech? We might eventually be able to manipulate their technology into our newer weapons and warframes. I believe that if this actually is an idea implemented by PWE DE, then it should be in the far future when they run out of weapons and frames to prime.


What I'm trying to say?


Remember, everything I have here is opinion or speculation. I know for a fact that the statement I said about no magnus prime will drive half of the Tenno population crazy, trying to mark me with a stalker to slash me in half in my dreams (they will also nuke the comments.) But please, try to leave at least SOMEWHAT constructive comments in the chat. Thanks for reading. I'll try to post in another few weeks unless you emailed the stalker and he gets me while I take a dump, shower, or sleep.

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