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    Woo! My clan finally got our new research wepaons, well, researched.  I'm happy.


    The fact that some rather unremarkable weapons (Jat Kittag, AkStilleto, and Dual Cestra) take a Forma (and in the D. Cestra's case, fieldron) to manufacture seems a bit... Over the top. I really don't know how to go into details about why it does, and what would be fair and balanced, but I just wanted to put my two cents out there, and to hear what my fellow players think about this.

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  • Poolb0y

    Today (2/2/14), I've been having trouble finding and staying in a game. I can connect to a cell, it will work fine for about a minute or so, but then mobs and players freeze, and the game displays "migrating host, please wait...". From there, I either lose connection to the host, or I stay in the game and everyone else disconnects. There's no way that these dozen or so games are instances of bad hosts/people leaving early. 

    Does anyone else have this issue? Any way to make it stop?

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  • Poolb0y

    New MOA?

    December 31, 2013 by Poolb0y

    I caught this while running an invasion mission against the Corpus... 

    Looks a lot like a shockwave MOA, but the red stripes on the legs are placed differently, and there's a more prominent amount of black. 

    A foreshadow, or a botched static model?

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