i really have 1 idea because when i think of necro i think of some creepy dude who raises the dead to kill everything. but what my power idea is kinda like ahs's teleport and please dont start complaining and being like OOOHH COPIED!!@#!GVRE$%^@%&*^ and random stuff like that im simply giving my ideas out and throwing opinions at everyone. but i imagine it to be like ash's teleport and is sorta like this oh and start around 55 seconds. but i see that flip and some prototype shit happens and tentecals come out and eat the guy in which he gets absorbed into you sorta like this (start about at 3:03) , and that is some sort of stealth power because i see the new frame as some shadowy dude or "thing" if you may.

but just leave feed back for me and that would be great and also i wanna hear about your thoughts and predictions about this new frame i also really enjoy hearing peoples ideas.

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