• PremiumShiny

    So recently I was looking up extractors and I found that:

    A Titan Extractor has:

    • 4 Hours of extraction
    • About 8 Hours of repairs (If 99/100HP was to be lost)

    And a Distilling Extractor has:

    • 8 Hours of extraction
    • About 16 Hours of repairs (If 199/200HP was to be lost)

    From this, both extractors give similar maths so I fould out the efficient way of using these.

    You would need an extractor and two back up extractors per however many you are able to use at the same time (3 at MR10 without any bonuses)

    For example, since I am MR10, I am able to deploy three extractors at once, so I would have nine in total.

    Here is a chart for the maths, using Distilling Extractors' 8 Hours

    • 0 Hours   | Deploy Extractor A
    • 8 Hours   | Deploy Extractor B (Extractor A Repairs) …
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