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  • Protonus

    Now officially introduced, John Prodman becomes a true hero not only among the fellow Corpus Faction, but as a hero to the Tenno Cause.

    Vote, if ever you want to see the wiki page under His name.

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  • Protonus

    I had some time to craft these little guys in store, so I figured not just post them on the forums, but post them here too.


    It's been decided.

    The Mods are here! :D

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  • Protonus

    Happy New Year!

    December 31, 2013 by Protonus

    I don't see anyone posting a blog dedicated for it! So, Happy New Year, everybody! Ha ha ha ha! :3

    Note: Apparently, my timeline is already January 1, 2014... so... xD

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  • Protonus

    It's been almost 3 months to me as join the wiki to do some handy work for Warframe and some other games I've played once in a while, though I have my reasons why I join the wiki from the first place.

    I joined Warframe Wiki since I had this feel that this wiki could use another hand or two in managing the information and update it when necessary, seeing some of the useful info simply gets outdated at the next week and a few seemed to had a look into such.

    I also join Warframe due to my wanting to provide some insight information about the game, understand the tactics of each unit and give them straight to this website, not because it is supposed to be nor I want to brag about it, I just want to jab them down for future uses, since sometimes …

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  • Protonus

    I got this from TheGreatZamboni since posted a marvelous idea for Warframe, and I'm very sure you guys would love this.

    Either read the forums from here or I'll post the entire copy here.

    For the suggestion itself:

    For the blog I posted: Poll is finished. The winning side has told me to post the copy on this blog.

    So this is the copy of the said thread, made by TheGreatZamboni

    The current Mod Card system is not a sustainable one. Meaning, you cannot continually release mods and use them as a crutch for content. The Corrupted Mods were already scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of ideas. But to think you can keep the system interesting with a flawed foundation is foolish. (To better prove this point: Ask yourself what kinds of mods will e…

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