(My thought right now)

Well, I never want to brag about the Grineer translations, but I just want prove something about myself. Which I actually feel a little dumbfounded every time I think of something related to this...

(Thought of the topic at hand)

It occurs to me by then, that having the Grineer Language is just merely the beginning of the Lore study expansions for the wiki. Sooner or later we are going to make a new language category for the Corpus then to new races if possible, which I'm pretty sure a handful of users would be working on soon.

But... why not start the Corpus now? With Alad V still using English in the Gas Planet stage in Livestream 17 (though many still think this is merely a placeholder and such). But what do you guys think?

(Summary Questions)

  • Do you think we should add the Corpus Language in their lore now? Or soon?
  • (Silly question) Should we also add the infested and corrupted as a language too?
  • Would anyone else like to help me in the Grineer Translation? (Like I said, I hate bragging this page and therefore I could really use some help.) I already posted the names of those who contributed at the forums. :3

PS: I also think the number bullets are bugged.

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