I know, for some of you might think after reading this post would be... "Impractical", but at least I tried to show some ideas that could make the space ninja look more Sci-Fi...ish.

This is one of them:


Name: Eisa (Played name of a female character in Protonian lore, who specializes in Lasers. Yes, this Frame is a Laser-Theme unit, like the Sci-Fi Nova Frame.)

Appearance: Laser-themed, in such way with a Lightweight frame that composes of mirror panels and Laser emitters.

Base Statistics

  • Health: 75 (Light)
  • Power: 150
  • Armor: 10
  • Shields: 100
  • Shield Recharge: 26.3
  • Sprint Speed: 1.1
  • Stamina: 10 (Most are usually 8. This is for her abilities.)


1. Vaporize (Base from the ability of the Dethcube)
  • This ability allows Eisa to shoot a beam with a short duration, usually deals good amounts of damage while stunning them in place. Just like the Dethcube.
  • Usually expends 25 energy, so it should be slightly more distant and more efficient than that of the Dethcube's.
  • Requires a target, this includes objects.
2. Point Defense (A passive ability)
  • This is a practically tricky ability, that shoots an even smaller laser that safely destroys projectiles (other than Hit-scan) when it is in range. This also destroys Osprey mines.
  • This has the cheapest energy expense of 5, per shot.
  • Practically the shortest range of four abilities.
  • Fires at a delay of 2/1.5/1.2/0.75 seconds.
  • In Conclaves, certain projectiles take a number of shots before being destroyed, for balancing. This also will be utilized on actual missions with more powerful weapons. (Which somehow can bear problems with larger projectiles.) Think of Point Defense as the equalizer against Nova's Null Star.
  • This ability is toggable.
3. Beam Cutter (Was Laser Grid, Orokin Laser Plates on Foot, and also not really a grid.)
  • This is not as powerful as the actual Orokin lasers... or is it?
  • Generates 8 directional plates that circle around Eisa within a short period.
  • These plates fire constantly, dealing damage that comes close. And also they have a certain range limit.
  • This commonly expends 75 energy.
  • Grid shows up, as this can reflect through walls and also passes through Eisa with ease.
3. (Another third Ability) Laser Grid (the New one)
  • A somewhat Vauban-ish ability, though this one is already active upon use.
  • Launches a pair of Beam pods that generate a Laser Trap in between.
  • Any enemy the passes through will receive moderate damage. Significant damage, if they stayed in between for too long.
  • Distance of the beam should span about 6 meters in average, depending on how the pods are spread effectively.
  • As much as possible. This expends about 25 energy.
4. Supercharge (or Blast Beam)
  • This simply makes Eisa chargin' and firin' her laser. (There I said it.)
  • This is the largest blast of laser among all the abilities she has.
  • It consumes 100 energy and more until the another 100 energy is expended all throughout the firing, this spends a total of 200. If implemented in-game, this probably be the most expensive ability of Warframe.
  • Initial blast of energy after charging will deal more than half of the total damage, while the continuous array will complete the output.
  • This will put her to a stop, and can turn slowly when firing, so find a good spot to fire while she's charging.
  • This laser penetrates through enemies, smaller objects and bosses alike. This can be blocked by walls, but not glass, if it is possible.
  • This beam is wide, not as narrow is traditional lasers. Supposedly has a diameter of 3 meters, bigger than Eisa. Though, this is also quite distant, spanning about 35 meters at maximum. Not sure.
  • Charging takes a lot of time, twice more than most Warframes using their fourth abilities.

Next up is:


Name: Equix (Shortened for Equinox)

Appearance: A Physical-bending Warframe, though not a total shapeshifter.

Idea: This is more of a mode-switching Warframe, as it has its first ability to change its shape. (Why "it"? Read further details below)

To put it up straight to the point, this is a Gender-bending Warframe. Yes, quite unexpected, right? Utilizing reformation materials, this thing can shift modes whenever the player needs to change strategy in a flash. This may seem discriminating, but the Warframes showed up right now proved its specifications. Please don't be offended by this, I am simply following the preferences from the given frames in game. :(

Base Statistics

  • Health: 150 / 75
  • Power: 100
  • Armor: 100 / 50
  • Shields: 75 / 150
  • Shield Recharge: 20 / 25
  • Sprint Speed: 0.95 / 1.2
  • Stamina: 8
  • Note: Sides are respected as followed, and appear correspondingly random to the current gender of the frame.


1. Mode Shift
  • As said, this ability changes modes for Equix.
  • Expends 25 energy every use.
  • Changed Health and Shields will follow the ratio applied from its previous form. Rounded up, so tiny healing is renounced, with a plus of small amount of health as well.
  • Mode Shift takes a small time to complete.
2. Parity Shot
  • This generates a multiplicative multi-shot for Equix in all of its weapons. Including melee.
  • Has a short duration.
  • In Ranged weapons, regular multi-shot system is applied.
  • In Melee, generates another melee hit in a mirrored direction, thus a wider, greater DPS.
  • Ratio of the mirrored and original damage should produce a certain percentage total in levels, such as 150%/200%/250%/300% of damage in total. Like for example, using a Skana that deals about 25 damage. Using 150%, the damage is split to 75% as 18.75, then doubling with the mirror will cause a total of 37.5 damage.
  • Consumes 50 energy every use.
  • Can work along with Split and Protoform, but this consumes more energy as a combo.
3. Split
  • Splits Equix into its two modes, with one currently in control remains, while the other not in control will have his/her own autonomous functions.
  • Autonomous version will have tactics similar to those of a Stalker against enemies.
  • If Autonomous version is killed, the Split ability will terminate.
  • Ability has a long duration.
  • If Mode Shift is used while Split is active, the clone will switch Statistics with the original.
  • If original is killed, however, the other mode will also die.
  • Split can't be used when Protoform is active.
  • Costs 75 energy every use.
4. Protoform
  • Gives Equix extreme regenerative powers to health and shields, for a short period.
  • This can mean Equix can be used as an ability tank.
  • Damage intake remains, but can be boosted by standard mods as much as upgrading frames regularly.
  • Like Trinity's Link ability, taking damage will be delivered to enemies. Unlike Trinity, attacks coming that attacking enemy will be the one receiving that damage, instead of others.
  • This only affects Equix.
  • This also increases Equix's speed slightly, as Protoformic energies charge its frame for a short period.
  • Equix can die while this ability is active.
  • If Equix really did die, it leaves an explosion that deals moderate damage.
  • Sadly, Protoform can't be used when Split is active.
  • Uses 100 energy in every use.

Yep, these are my two suggested frames... which will be immediately copied by Plagarists soon. xD

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