I'm still thinking about new warframes, but I don't think any of them would be implemented. Still, it is quite nice to get rid of them from the mind. xD


Name: Prisma 

Appearance: Shield/Glass-themed warframe, usually glass-plates that cover most of her body.

Idea: She will be utilizing the power of energy shields at her wanting, giving shields offensive capabilities as much as defensive capabilities. Her abilities will not make her like a tank as much as Rhino, since they are dependent through her shields.

Base Statistics

  • Health: 50 (Glass-covered, which are very fragile)
  • Power: 100
  • Armor: 10 (Like health.)
  • Shields: 200
  • Shield Recharge: 30
  • Sprint Speed: 1.0
  • Stamina: 10 (Uses Eisa's stamina base, for reaction capabilities.)


1. Discharge
  • Forces Prisma to create an energy discharge through her shields, pressing and electrocuting enemies severely.
  • Effeciency is varied by how high are her shields.
  • A portion of her shields are expended in the process.
    • For example: the ability expends 10% of 100% of her shields, dealing damage about 600 (I don't know the exact amount for the DE's if suggested). If 10% of 50% of the shields is expended, a formula will take place to reduce the damage down to 400, as much to avoid total wastage on energy.
  • Is an AoE ability, dealt at short-medium ranges.
  • Can be activiated at any time.
  • Expends 25 energy every use.
2. Solid Node (a play with Solenoid, or just simply put it as a Bubble Shield)
  • Rather than just create a bubble shield around Prisma like Captain Vor. Like Vauban, Prisma throws a canister that deploys an independent shield generator.
  • Shield strength and Health is obviously lower than Prisma at the start, but higher levels makes it about 1000 damage (still not considered.)
  • Like Snowglobe, but does not slow down targets. And also considering its fragility.
  • Last twice as long as Snowglobe, yet the canister generator can be destroyed.
  • Can be benefitted by Mag's Shield Polarize or Trinity's Blessing. Minus Invulnerability. xD
  • Not immune to Poison damage, obviously.
  • Range of the shield is near the Snowglobe.
  • Can be casted several times for stronger, yet not so efficient results. As canisters damaged by AoE is not really a good sign.
  • Expends 50 energy every use.
3. Whiplash
  • Is the concentrated form of Discharge.
  • Expends slightly lower shields than Discharge, and uses a similar efficiency system.
  • The idea is amplify damage with electricity at a certain percentage, with a relationship to shields. That said, 100% is maximum efficiency on damage increase.
  • Note, this generates whip-like effects to weapons, extending their range, unlike Saryn's Contagion.
  • Lasts just as long as Saryn's Contagion though.
  • Expends 75 energy per use.
4. Battery Flux
  • Forces Prisma energy banks to overcharge, increase both her shield capacity and shield recharge for a short duration.
  • Her shield capacity is multiplied to a percentage around +60%/+110%/+150%/+200% (not yet considered as well), her shield recharge also increases around +35%/+60%/+100%/+150%. After mods.
  • This benefits all her previous three abilities upon use.
  • Resistant to knockbacks and slow as energies surges through her circuits.
  • Her Health is still vulnerable.
  • Lasts about three times as long as Trinity's Blessing for Invulnerability.
  • She is still vulnerable to stuns.
  • Poison damage will have to go through shields first, but still vulnerable to Powerfists.
  • To me, it's like Rhino's Iron Skin... on chocolate. xD


Name: Joust

Appearance: Assault warframe, despite of being named in a knightly way.

Idea: He resolves into fighting enemies at close quarters, though not thoroughly like Rhino. He is just more offensive.

Base Statistics

  • Health: 175 (Better than most frames)
  • Power: 100
  • Armor: 150 (Like Rhino? Unlikely.)
  • Shields: 50 (R u srs?)
  • Shield Recharge: 15
  • Sprint Speed: 0.85 (His speed should be this way.)
  • Stamina: 8 (Uses Eisa's stamina base, for reaction capabilities.)


1. Ground and Pound (or Bash)
  • Makes Joust uses his own fist on slamming an enemy against the wall or floor. Punches people.
  • Deals significant amount of damage.
  • This obviously knocks the enemy down, except bosses.
  • Uses 25 energy every time.
2. Slash Charge
  • Rhino's Charge and Excalibur's Slash Dash on steroids.
  • Does not speed up Joust after use of the ability.
  • Goes half a distant longer than Slash Dash.
  • Delivers 75% damage of the sum of the two mentioned abilities. Therefore, more damage than the two.
  • Expends 50 energy every use.
3. Spike
  • This is where Joust's extra health pays off.
  • If he receives a certain amount of damage about 7.5% or 10% of his health within 5 seconds at a time, he will launch a spike (without animation) against an enemy who delivered the most damage.
  • That said, this is a passive ability. Can be switched on or off.
  • This spike is slow, but is big and does a nasty damage compared to Nova's Null Star.
  • That also said, this is a counterattack version of Nova's Null Star.
  • Expends 25 energy every time the Spike is reactivated.
  • Sends Joust and his nearby victims flying in the air. (not as high as Excalibur's Super Jump.)
  • This spawns spikes on top of Joust, stabbing those who are near (who came along with him), dealing massive damage.
  • It has a limited amount of targets, around 5.
  • This makes range quite short, but effective against heavy units.
  • Pierced enemies that survive will remain frozen (not in ice) in place for a duration.
  • Ability costs 100 energy.
4. Riptoss (as opposed to Ripostes)


Name: Lithos or Hereku

Appearance: Fuel cell-themed Warframe, frankly a utility kind.

Idea: He is basically the Warframe that shoots fuel from his hands and such.

Base Statistics

  • Health: 125 
  • Power: 100
  • Armor: 40
  • Shields: 100
  • Shield Recharge: 25
  • Sprint Speed: 1.05
  • Stamina: 10 (Uses Eisa's stamina base, for reaction capabilities.)


1. Slick
  • Lithos fires a glob of fuel on a surface. That's it.
  • This is not just it, as this usually makes enemies slip on the floor. (Basically knockbacks.)
  • This also benefits other Warframes when they slide through it. Increases the natural speed and even makes the slide continuous on the Slicked floor.
  • However, this is also a Troll ability, as the slick can slip Sprinting warframes in place. Which is the disadvantage.
  • On the other hand, this is also a good utility as it benefits of being burned by fire damage. Generating a player-owned hazard. Best to pair with Ember's abilities.
  • The Slick can be used on walls, when floors are not necessary.
  • Expends about 25 energy each.
2. Ejection (the ability literally ejected once out of place in this text. xD)
  • This is simply forcing Lithos to throw a plasma capsule, out of his cell slots, much like a plasma grenade.
  • The grenade is much more powerful than both the Grineer's and the Corpus'.
  • Spans around 7 meters.
  • Uses 50 energy in every grenade.
3. Jettison
  • This forces Lithos to expunge ammunition cells out of his body, deliberatingly damages enemies nearby. Think of it as a utility-version of Excalibur's Radial Javelin.
  • Utility why? Each released cell has a chance to leave an undamage ammunition drop, such as for pistols, rifles, sniper bullets and shotgun shells.
  • Each cell explodes around 4 to 5 meters.
  • Number of cells usually increase in levelling.
  • Has charge time.
  • These numbers of cells are launched at waves, about 3 is the maximum.
  • Expends 75 energy, but does not expend his own ammunition on current weapons. This is useful against bosses, in general.
4. Roid Rage
  • Lithos gets buffed. Temporarily.
  • Energy cells in his body are overcharged, increasing his damage output by about 75%/125%/175%/250%, on both melee and range.
  • Stacks with Rhino's Roar, multiplicably.
  • This does not increase his ability damages though.
  • The rage gives damage reduction slightly. About 40% at max.
  • Buff time lasts about 2.5 as long as Trinity's Invulnerability buff.
  • Slightly increases speed, as his body is overcharged.
  • Uses 100 energy in every use.


Name: Dymo (a short and play of Dynamo)

Appearance: This is the male version of Banshee, with different abilities.

Idea: I don't know much yet, but it did came into my head for some reason.

Base Statistics

  • Health: 100 
  • Power: 100
  • Armor: 10
  • Shields: 125
  • Shield Recharge: 26.3
  • Sprint Speed: 1.05
  • Stamina: 8


1. Blister
  • Similar to Sonic Boom, creates a blasting wave of sound against the enemies.
  • Unlike Sonic Boom, it is narrow, yet more damaging and it does only stun enemies in place.
  • Has a longer range and makes use of piercing armor more effectively.
  • Like Sonic Boom, uses 25 energy every use.
2. VOR
  • This is not Captain Vor. It is Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range.
  • Like Sonar, generates a field of sound around Dymo.
  • This time, it gives Dymo and all his teammates damage resistance, against projectiles, but not melee.
  • Projectiles that are shot and entered this field will be tracked, granting players where to shot the enemy rather than locating weakspots.
  • Instead weakspots generated on enemies, allies are generated with strong-spots, protecting portions of allies' bodies more than the general damage reduction on those locations.
  • Damage reduction is not mentioned yet.
  • Unlike Sonar, this expends 25 energy per use.
3. Clamor
  • Ironical opposite of Silence.
  • Like Nekros' Fear, Clamor reduces armor of enemies in the field.
  • This disrupts shield recharging for enemies, which makes Clamor lasts twice as long than Silence.
  • This cause stuns and spasms to enemies by chance of every 2 seconds, as the sounds of Clamor drum their ears (or circuits for Moas) for a long period.
  • This frankly forces enemies to use terminals as if they spotted an enemy, on the other hand.
  • This expends 50 energy, every use.
4. Pulse Note
  • An Instant Sound Quake.
  • Instead of delivering damage over time. Dymo releases damage all at once, but with a slightly lower damage total than Banshee's Sound Quake.
  • This knocks down enemies immediately, also sends those who are near flying. Like Sonic Boom.
  • This is a 360 degree wide ability.
  • Shorter than Sound Quake.
  • This is a Troll ability to some players. As the screen will violently shake to those who are near Dymo during Pulse Note.
  • Unlike Sound Quake, can be used during mid-air.
  • This uses 100 energy.

Welp, that's it for now. :3

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