A repost of my comment on Wishseeker's blog about a new unit. So, I was thinking why not place my idea here as well... as my first blog. XD

Welp, here it is.

Name: Elite Gunner / Titan Gunner / Aegis Gunner

Appearance: A largely plated male Grineer usually takes this position. With large feet, used to deploy before attempting to fire. Carries a nifty Autocannon, which regularly replaces the idea of Plasma weaponry for something very ballistic. Also, like the Hellion, it can fire clusters of missiles, occasionally.

The Autocannon: Think of it as a minigun version of your average grenade launcher, carrying smaller payloads (explosives, ahem), but takes certain time to deploy. Fires at around 5 bps.

Missile Rack: If the autocannon is not yet deployed, the Elite Gunner should spray missiles towards you. With retaining abilities of slamming the ground, he can be a little pain in the butt. Clusters of 6 missiles should do the trick.


- Very large health pool, more than twice of a heavy gunner, obviously... not. xD

- Missile Racks, yes, they should tend to be annoying.

- Bullets doesn't tend to penetrate shields, but have a small AoE just to give a cluster of Tenno a call not to watch too closely at their own backs. This also stuns at a small chance, but the rate of fire makes the chance somewhat big.

- The large feet pays off for giving Knockback Immunity, though stun is still viable.

- Stops firing when you get closer, instead, you get a serious head trauma by a very powerful ground slam.

- Has a shield... that covers a small area for his friendlies to take cover from. This will be his shield. About the radius of 3 meters.

- Physics Impact resistant, like those pesky, yet so helping Commanders.

- Heavy bullet resistant, twice more of a regular Grineer.


- His shield is nothing when you get close, but watch out with the ground slam. Think of it as Snowglobe with Iron Skin durability, that recharges.

- Missile clusters is merely slightly faster than your average Bombard attacks.

- As said, his deployment takes time, thus making a viable target easily before he starts spraying cannon blasts. And also makes him vulnerable at close range attacks.

- Starts level 35+. Level 100+ is just crazy, in my opinion.

- Cannon shots have slight flight time, just enough to dodge them... for agility-fanatics.

- He is very sluggish. Being big-feet and giant gun, with a tough shield.

- Ice and Poison should be his weaknesses, as the fragmentation and corrosion should carve out these thick plates of his. Also to give some emphasis on other elements than Armor Piercing.


- He is a pretty great miniboss to deal with.

- These stats could make his base affinity reach about 1750.

- Something that actually helps smaller troops other than being shielded by Shield Lancers.

- A serious tank, that commonly protects his boss. If more Tennos are involved. :3

- The massive shield is usually follows the lore of having primitive Sphere shielding, rather than the advanced Coat shields.

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