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  • I live in Munich
  • I was born on June 16
  • I am male
  • R43n3f

    It seems there is a player ranking system coming:

    Direct link to the picture: 

    It seems like part of a player ranking system has slipped in the game, enabling one to rate your teammates after the mission for:

    1. team
    2. skill
    3. honor

    i would like to know what you think about it and how it could play out -- good or bad...

    I think we still have a lot of beginners who dont even want tolearn the basics like you wont have enough energy without energy siphons or a trinity to get some waves higher on a deff (cause frost and vauban) will run out of energy 

    ect ect

    so it might become either intresting or it will reslt in multible options

    (maybe had just a very bad day pl…

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  • R43n3f

    In the warframe chat one can ignore another person using the command

    /i or /ignore

    but what if another person trolls in the game all the time hinders ur game play or tries to kill you, what would you do?

    Most players would say i will put him on my ignore list!!! That would be the normal thing to do if they would do anything more then being angry or leaving the mission, but here comes our little problem.

    Ignore only works for the chat, you cannot read what he writes anymore, so it is only good against spammers and flamers to not have to read them anymore.

    But you still come into the same game as them.

    It only works for the chat, an ignore list doesnt work against players for the game.

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