It seems there is a player ranking system coming:

Direct link to the picture: 

230410 screenshots 2013-08-11 00001

player ranking system

230410 screenshots 2013-08-11 00001-2

player rannking system (")

It seems like part of a player ranking system has slipped in the game, enabling one to rate your teammates after the mission for:

  1. team
  2. skill
  3. honor

i would like to know what you think about it and how it could play out -- good or bad...

I think we still have a lot of beginners who dont even want tolearn the basics like you wont have enough energy without energy siphons or a trinity to get some waves higher on a deff (cause frost and vauban) will run out of energy 

ect ect

so it might become either intresting or it will reslt in multible options

(maybe had just a very bad day playing with randoms)

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